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After Meeting with VH-1 Earl Says, “I would be on reality TV if the situation was right”

After Meeting with VH-1 Earl Says, “I would be on reality TV if the situation was right”

Music lovers are seeing Fredericksburg, VA recording artist, Earl a lot lately. From his hundreds of thousands of SoundCloud plays, to his large twitter following, to his verified Instagram account, Earl is beginning to take over the music industry.

We’ve been keeping tabs on his upcoming career and have recently got the opportunity to catch up with him in an interview.

After Meeting with VH-1 Earl Says, “I would be on reality TV if the situation was right”


US Magazine: How would you describe your current sound?

Earl: First and foremost I want to thank God for this opportunity. The sound would be multi directional. I don’t stay to a particular sound or genre, I believe each song is its own entity and expression, perception and perspective on a subject matter and that’s another beautiful thing about music.


US Magazine:What do you find most inspires you to write a song?
Earl: I know that God gave me my ability, passion, purpose and call to do music and knowing that this from God alone inspires me and completes me in Him and I want to forever give God all the credit and glory for it for the rest of my life, I am forever grateful.


US Magazine:How long does it usually take you to write a song?

Earl: Each song is a different time table, it really just depends on the environment and how God flows it to me. I never put a time restraint on a song, I want it to take as long as it should to reflect honesty and genuine connection.


US Magazine:What instruments do you play, and which ones do you compose songs with?

Earl: I am currently learning keyboard and look forward to enjoying adding that to the future music.


US Magazine:Got any favorite clothing brands you’d like to tell us about?

Earl: There are so many great brands out there, I would say that I do enjoy my brand C.A.S.H. (Create Art Save Humanity). However I like wearing all kinds of brands regardless of name or cost, I enjoy wearing what makes you feel great and fits your personality.


US Magazine:I’m interested in your musical roots – which musicians and songwriters have been the greatest influence? What are your favorite albums?

Earl: I listened to many things growing up from Journey, Earth Wind and Fire, Timex social club, Bad company, Cool and the gang, Phil Collins. Haha I enjoy it all.


US Magazine:What do you think about the internet as a tool for promoting yourself & your music?

Earl: The Internet is a great tool that allows the ability to promote in ways that just couldn’t happen before, I think when used in an honest manner, it can be a great tool.


US Magazine:I saw on your Insta that you met with VH1. What was that about?

Earl: God blessed me with an opportunity to go and do some photo marketing with VH1 and MTV so we went and come to find out, God had more than that planned and blessed me with aopportunity to meet with a couple talent producers and that went far better than I could have imagined as God always does.


US Magazine: Are you considering a reality show?

Earl:I would be on reality TV if the situation was right. If it allowed me to represent Christ and be honest and represent myself as I am. I will never minimize my God to maximize my success.


US Magazine: What is it like to be an MTV artist to watch?

Earl: It is such a blessing and great opportunity. The things their doing to help artist at MTV and VH1 through ArtistLink is amazing and I’m thankful to have the opportunity and be listed with all the amazing artist on ArtistLink.


US Magazine: What’s next for Earl?

Earl: God is opening so many doors and I trust His guidance and direction and look forward to bringing honesty in music and being a representation of Christ in the secular world of music and breaking done the barriers of secular music and Christ centered music by God working through me and to keep promoting to try and get on regular radio and TV and shows and media. I can’t do it alone but my God is able and with God all things are possible.

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