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Meet the Author of Immortal Magic book one | LeeAnn Roberts

Meet the Author of Immortal Magic book one - LeeAnn Roberts

US Mag Club: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education, passion etc. ??

I was a dance club dancer and model in Spain, which was party central. Eventually after a few years I came home tothe UK and finished my BA Honours degree in Literature and Advanced creative writing.

My Passion except for coming up with new stories is and always has been Music. I cannot go a day without listening to it. I always make playlists of the current vibe of the book I’m writing. My parents gave me a wonderful musical education growing up so I have thousands of songs from every era.

US Mag Club: We been hearing a lot about you so we notice your starting to gain a lot of attention how does it feel?

It feels great people knowing my book is getting known, especially when it’s a trilogy. Its exciting to know I’m making people happy by reading it. Every beta reader has loved it and the feedback has been amazing. I just need its of reviews on Amazon and Goodreads as a debut author its incredibly important.

US Mag Club: Great, Can you please tell us more about your book “Immortal Magic Book”??

The book is centred around a forbidden love story between an elite powerfulwitch who is the key to something we don’t find out until book three and a 1000 year old vampire prince. Their love was written in the stars.

Synopsis to give you a better idea for writing your article:

Death cannot kill what is not measured by time…. (book tagline)

When ANGEL dropped her bag in the University parking lot, she had no idea her life was about to change.

Her whole life was about her Wiccan duties and following rules. Then she met the mysterious MICHAEL.

They were instantly drawn to each other; strangely so.

however, MICHEAL has a deadly secret, he is a one-thousand-year-old vampire.

The stars alighted and their pairing is beyond destiny, beyond time and space.

He tries to stay away from her and finds it impossible, she has captured his imagination along with his heart and he goes after her regardless of the consequences.

They fall deeply in love. Their love for each other is all consuming, and the passion and emotion between them cross all boundaries as they attempt to deal with the enormous waves of feelings for each other and solve the many problems from everywhere that arise as they go along.

A lot of creatures and people would love to see the caught, but too scared to do it themselves as if MICHEAL doesn’t kill them ANGEL will.

This is a love so forbidden they can both only guess at the dire potential punishments if they get caught, but their love is unbreakable, destined and they know it is worth fighting for.
The underworld figures Angel fights are afraid of the DE MARCOS and are reluctant to tell their underworld leader, the immortal leaders and the Wiccan consul of their relationship.

Their love affair goes from hip clubs and old castles in Scotland, to passionate but dark encounters in Rome, to the final scene in New York where MICHEAL is forced to keep ANGEL safe. Their love is one that is more powerful than all of the supernatural figures combined.

ANGEL PHOENIX A magical witch with many active incredible powers. She is not someone to be messed with.

She is prophesised as the most powerful of all time and is the key to something we don’t find know yet.

She is destined to be the greatest force of good in the world.

She has given up every dream she has ever had for the greater good but cannot, amd more to the point will not give up MICHAEL.

MICHAEL DE MARCO The one-thousand-year-old vampire Prince.

He is gorgeous but incredibly dangerous and will do anything to protect those he loves, especially ANGEL.
His birth right gives him direct lineage to the vampire throne, therefor is untouchable and too powerful.
He doesn’t want to be King and is happy to let the Immortal leaders protect the secret of the vampires. And deal with all the problems’

He is classy, elegant and dynamic and he sweeps Angel off her feet in the sophisticated way you would expect from him. He does not disappoint.

US Mag Club: Why do you choose this name for your book?

Draft after draft the name changed a lot, until around draft three when it came to me he is Immortal and she is magical thus Immortal Magic was born.

US Mag Club: As an writer, what has been one of the most exciting achievements of your career so far ?

Having my book published is my most exciting achievement and the fact people love it is a wonderful feeling.

US Mag Club: Nice, Any upcoming book?

Book two will be out next that the beta readers are desperate for. After that book three.

US Mag Club: Awesome, Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

In the morning I do kick boxing and boxing training which I love. After a long day writing I love to play the Play Station to relax. I also do yoga. I also do pro writing tips for freeon Linked in and Instagram to help wanna be writers or struggling writers.

US Mag Club: Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

In ten years I hope to have a massive writing career.

US Mag Club: Your favorite Artist?

Book wise my favourite artist is Stephen King

Music wise my favourite band is BonJovi

Meet the Author of Immortal Magic book one - LeeAnn Roberts

US Mag Club: How can people find you and follow you online?

I have many online social media handles and two websites. One from the publisher where you can buy the book, and the other is my personal Immortal Magic site where there is loads of information about the book and myself.

Google LeeAnn Roberts Author and all my information and links come up.

Here are a fewlinks anyway:



My website from publisher


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