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Philip Glenister and Shaun Paul McGrath Carthago TV Series

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Based on a true story Carthago internment Camp 1940s,Eritrea. Built by the British in the North African wilderness to imprison the most dangerous terrorists and freedom fighters caught within the boundaries of the British crumbling Empire.

Created by an Emmy award winning team. Previously nominated as the Best Series Award at Cannes International Festival. Reshef Levi (Writer/Actor) & Tomer Shani (Director) RESHEF LEVI is the most successful TV show runner in Israel.

Reshef Levi writer, “we decided it was finally the right time to tell the story of our father and his friends, who never gave up on the desire to be free again and to tell how they survived the trials of life in Carthago camp. Most of them did everything they could to escape throughout their imprisonment, but the great distance from any settlement and the jungles that surrounded them posed an impossible barrier”.

Shaun paul mcgrath, Philip Glenister, Carthago TV series,

Cathago New Flagship series 3 seasons 10X hour tragicomic

 The series has a modern take on a classic 1940s film; the action takes place in a British built detention camp set in the remotest corner of the African wilderness. The series mixes suspense with wit as prisoners repeatedly try to break out of their inescapable hell,which they have been confined to.

Shaun paul mcgrath, Philip Glenister, Carthago TV series,

Philip Glenister plays British commander Lord Davidson.

 Philip Glenister and Shaun Paul McGrath both star as authoritative British commanders who help control the camp. Both are at loggerheads in terms of how the camp should be run; yet it is Davidson’s wife Helena Played by French actress,Carolina Jurczak (Marseille) who seems to be pulling the strings,seemingly to help suit her own agenda.British/Nazi spy is played by English actor, Oliver Buckner, who helps bring an air of British nostalgia to a sub arc storyline playing the subjugated,Thomas Edinburgh.

Officer MacDonald, played by Irish actor, Shaun Paul McGrath (The Widow’s moon) is the second in command in the Camp.Lord Davidson’s is head of the camp. Davidson’s arrival with his wife is not totally welcomed by the prisoners nor MacDonald. Davidson is played by renowned British actor, Philip Glenister, star of(Life on Mars).Glenister plays a character who lacks empathy for even the most weakest of beings. Davidson’s dearth morality is contrary to that of his second in command, MacDonald. MacDonald has been in Carthago since the day the camp was built. Originally from Ireland. MacDonald suffers from PTSD, which leads him to be especially violent as he struggles to command control over the camp. He is notorious among the prisoners for his cruelty. Yet it is Davidson that supersedes this cruelty. Glenister plays a cruel nonchalant intimidating attitude and guts those to shreds who dare cross him.The story is a cross between (Inglorious Bastards) and (The Great Escape).

Shaun paul mcgrath, Philip Glenister, Carthago TV series,

First time on screen

A series that will tell their story for the first time on screen with added drama and humour to keep all engaged enthralled and entertained.

The series has a host of talented international actors completing many story arcs, which helps convey a noteworthy watchable synergy to the screen.

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