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Interview with Desi Author | Julia George

Happy International Women’s Day 2023

Appreciate you to take time to interview me.

Julia George how is Author life going and books this far?

Author life goes hand in hand with travelling.

Promoting Zenideez Meditation for women and actors is my devotion to natural healthy lifestyle, be it my acting fraternity, or now as a author, above all as a women.

So traveling the world to India

First stop was The film Museum in Mumbai & then a quick stop at Taj Hotel,

And then a trip to Taj Mahal, Delhi.

The trip inspired me to write my latest book called “Wah Taj”

A scripted format film mode novel.

I have always wanted to bring my books to life on big screen, to be seen by movie goers worldwide.

It was quiet fulfilling to write and publish the lovestory.

You get hands on to feel the character’s, to do a detail research & find the story behind them. It was a experience.

It was my first time in Delhi, So seeing the places, getting to know the

people, observing Delhi, being a Mumbai to LA Comprehensive brat comes as a inherited gift. So using the privilege & going an extra mile to make use of the moments you have been gifted was really exciting.

Celebrity life and being a mother of two goes side by side….

my kids will roll on the floor and laugh not realizing their mother is famous….

but its part of being who you are and letting them be & understand only what they can and want….

Abigail, her dance practices and wanting to learn kathak from her mother

fulfills me as a mother being able to share my knowledge as performer and art lover.

Being from Mumbai, and the love for Bollywood dance is a mandated thing in my gene from childhood. So Kathak being the art of storytelling, and the foundation to Bollywood

dance, it gives you a sense of gratification to share it with kids. I teach Kathak to students online doing my share of community service.

What I want the most right now…. would be that Hrithik Roshan, says yes to my script & acts in my film script Coach. It’s the most mushiest Bollywood film script I wrote inspired by a actor.

With half a dozen scripts of mine just sitting some inboxes untouched its really pathetic & sad all at once.

So stay motivated and write scripts. To wish finally my script catches the eye its supposed to. Keep working hard. Is what matters right.

My next book

I have two main focuses on mind

Miss Universe Sushmita Sen;

& Series on Bollywood Dance

Again Appreciate this Interview

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