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Do you need 8 glasses of water a day?

Do you need 8 glasses of water a

Mostly every health conscious searching the answer of this question : Do you really need 8 glasses of water a day?

Do you need 8 glasses of water a


Water is obviously healthy for our bodies. It is good for our skin and kidneys, and we couldn’t survive without it. However, contrary to common belief, there isn’t a lot of hard evidence to support drinking eight glasses per day, and it isn’t known where this nutrition myth came from.

Many factors determine fluid requirements. If it’s hot outside, people need more fluid. The more physical activity and exercise people do, the more fluid they require. Younger and older people can be more susceptible to dehydration and need to be careful about fluid intake.

Other sources of fluid and even diet can impact fluid requirements. Contrary to popular belief, all fluids count toward our daily requirement, including alcohol and coffee. While these fluids have a reputation for causing dehydration, this does not happen with moderate intake. The Institute of Medicine determined some time ago that alcohol and coffee should be counted in overall fluid intake.

Vegetables and fruits contain large amounts of water (just look at how small dried fruit looks compared to fresh fruit). People who eat more vegetables and fruits obtain more fluid in their diet compared to people who eat greater amounts of other foods that contain little water.

With all these variables, it’s difficult to give an exact amount of water someone should drink. In general, thirst can be a rough guide for most people, and urine should be clear rather than dark and concentrated. And by the way, some people believe the kidneys work harder when someone drinks more fluid and has a greater urine output. Actually, the kidneys work less hard when there is a greater amount of urine because they don’t have to work hard to concentrate the urine. Drink your beverage of choice and get adequate fluid from different sources, but don’t feel you need to get eight glasses of water every day.


Source : US News

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