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6 facts about Tom Hanks you probably didn’t knew

Tom Hanks is regarded as one of the most decorated actors in Hollywood. Whether it’s through his iconic role in movies like Forrest Gump or his down to earth nature, the 61 year veteran has earned a household name.


Although we as fan like to think we know our icon through their personal and professional career, there are always more to their story.


Today, we want to cover the 6 behind the scenes facts that you still don’t know about Tom Hanks


Hanks first wife name wasn’t samantha lewes


You will hear a lot of people referring to Tom Hank’s ex-wife as Samantha Lewes. But actually her real name is Susan Dillingham. She acted in many movies under the name Samantha Lewes which she later adopted.


You will be surprised to know that she and her then husband Hanks both appeared in TV show – “Bossom Buddies.”


Both of Hank’s Wife have suffered from Cancer


In late 2015, the news broke that Hank’s wife Rita Wilson had suffered from breast cancer. Fortunately for her and the family, she beat the cancer.


However, things weren’t too fortunate for Hank’s Ex-wife samantha as she passed away due to bone cancer.


Tom Hanks is linked to the great Abraham Lincoln


Now this may come up as a surprise to you but it’s truth. Tom and Abraham actually share the same bloodline coming from their great great grandfather.


Their common ancestor is John Hanks (1680 – 1740) who was six time great-grandfather of Tom Hanks and great-great grandfather of Abraham Lincoln.


Tom hanks is a football Geek


For the record, its football and not soccer. In 2001, Tom revealed that he is big fan of English Premier League – Aston Villa. He has frequently shown his respect toward the club by wearing blue scarf and claret during red carpet.


In April 2016, it was speculated that he placed £100 bet on Leicester to win the league. But the validation of the rumour isn’t made. So it can be something that came out of thin air!


Hanks has the hobby of collecting Typewriter


Since 1978 Hanks has been collecting Typewriters because of his love for slow typing. Till this date he has a gallery of over 100 Typewriters from all over the world. From Hermes 2000 to 3000 he has the collection to be proud of.


Hanks was a hotel bellman


Like most celebrities that come before and after him, Hanks too had to go through his share of struggle life. Before the guy was stealing hearts from his acting, he worked as a hotel bellman.


As the bellman he had the honour to serve various celeb guests like Cher, Sidney Poitier, Slappy White, and Bill Withers.


Do you have any facts to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.


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