A dynamic track song ‘ Road Warrior’ by BLOW_FLYY

I found this fantastic song “Road Warrior” by the tremendous artist “BLOW_FLYY” on Spotify. It is a super catchy number with entertaining sound and nice lyrics. It is a dynamic type of Hip Hop music that was lacking in the current music scene. This track “Road Warrior” is from his album “Born to Dream”. I believe that this song can be described as an inspirational hip hop/rap song, it is a catchy and moving track which you can enjoy while working out at the gym or at a party. I love this track’s background beat as well its rhymes. The lyrics are original and thought-provoking also the instrumental additions in this track are well balanced, exciting and powerful.

A dynamic track song ‘ Road Warrior’ by BLOW_FLYY

The most excitingly dynamic part of this song to me is the lyrics, as there is nothing offensive or vulgar in it which is something that is rare in the present-day music industry. Hip-hop artists add up vulgarities into every part of their songs even when there is absolutely no need for it. The lyrics of this song “Road Warrior” are original, deep and heartfelt which proves that adding vulgarities into every hip hop/rap song is not essential and you can produce a hit song with clean, mature and original lyrics as well. This song stands out for its originality and the music, the flow of words is smooth and fast with exciting rhythm and beats.



The vocal and songwriting skills of BLOW_FLYY prominent in this song, and all the instruments used in this song complement the song and the clap beats in the background adds a wave flow of sounds to it. This track has a strong and solid beat which stays on your mind and take you in the beautiful musical world of BLOW_FLYY. Rhythm is flowing and catchy and the mood of the song is rather optimistic. It is a tuneful, well-shaped and memorable track.

A dynamic track song ‘ Road Warrior’ by BLOW_FLYY

It is easy to say that this genuine artist has produced great catchy songs with clean, inspiring lyrics and great music. BLOW_FLYY is providing good quality music while redefining norms of hip-hop and rap music. His songs are like a breeze of fresh air in the music world and his rap is upbeat, fast and catchy. His voice is so rich and expressive and makes this song a warm yet danceable song. I believe this song has a good commercial potential and this artist is worthy of more international recognition.

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