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MinikeGirl talks about her new songs in new candid interview

MinikeGirl talks about her new songs in new candid

MinikeGirl is a singer and songwriter who was born in Sri Lanka but live in Sweden. Today, she runs one of Sweden’s largest private music blog where she writes about her exciting life as a singer and songwriter but also about her private life around.

We have done a new interview with MinikeGirl and she told us, she has been through many traumatic experiences in her life and is living today with a protected address. Despite this, they always have the music been one of her greatest refuge places where she comes in contact with their feelings. People who think on a deeper level understand her deep lyrics. MinikeGirl now has 14 original songs released on Spotify. She has many new songs on the way. Biggest driver that MinikeGirl has is her beloved son Damien that she wrote and dedicated one of their songs ” Overjoyed Mother “. It is for Damien that she is alive and with her own words, Damien saved her life. MinikeGirl have their very own style of her music and she can really go its own way. For her, music is about constantly to be in balance with their feelings and their existence. To writing music and blogging is for MinikeGirl like to live in one of their biggest dreams.




MinikeGirl on Spotify :

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MinikeGirl into play all her music in Falköping, Sweden with Stefan Carlsson at .

In this interview MinikeGirl also told us, she is really happy with the music studio in Falköping and recommend it warmly  !



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