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Interview with Roxy Robinson

Interview with Roxy

Founder, Amore Vitae Group Limited/Roxstar Limited/Pickaflava Events and Promotions cc


It is not often that one gets an opportunity to interview a highly successful, young and beautiful, entrepreneurial woman who has founded and developed a fantastic company, albeit more than one. Excitedly, which in its entirety enhances the benefits of others.

Essentially a company that, aids and abets young students and individuals to reach their goals, giving them the ability and gain their opportunities through her innovative and focussed platform.

A self-starter, designed in its ingenuity to make a better life possible for students.  The doors are literally opened; the windows of opportunities are entwined with the partners that have accumulatively joined with Amore Vitae Limited.

Interview with Roxy


Tell us, Roxy, why and how you founded the company?

Bring value to students, that’s the main feature.  Whilst, creating access for them to have an opportunity to live fulfilled lives.”How?was asked. “Well, simply understanding that young individuals want and importantly need to be lead, to see that opportunities are available to those that seek them.”  Roxy has made this possible with the partners that have chosen to link themselves to Amore Vitae Group Limited.


Explain the size of the team, names of founders, management roles and key personnel focussed on Amore Vitae Limited?

Roxy, being the founder and owner, has key individuals are in place to ensure the continued growth of the Platform.  This incorporates a network of well-trained individuals diligently ensuring more partners come on board.  The students grow by word of mouth and her unique concept of giving back to her members.  They earn loyalty points which give them exciting offers and freebies.


Funding arrangements, what is in place and what are you looking for?

Self-funded up till now, and looking to expand human capital and marketing including technology and global expansion –the focusis to achieve 1 million pounds.


Competition, is there any?  – if so, what makes you better?

“It is a platform”, says Roxy, “therefore everyone in the industry would benefit from us and we strive to partner with the best.  Develop the “Uber” for the student market connecting the youth to opportunities and experiences.”


I asked, what is the estimation of market size? The answer is simple – HUGE!

Intrigued, my next question was, perhaps in a statement.


Any successful company aims for this – what problem does the business solve?

“Students don’t always know what they want to do, we give them the opportunity, advice and open the doors.  Some, certainly know what they want, but they don’t know how to get it done and we do it for them,” says Roxy.  “Weprovide a professional avenue for our corporate companies to our students to offer them internship and employment opportunities, again benefiting not only the students but the corporates as well.”  “A classic win, win situation.”


Why should people or companies use the business? “A niche market, focused on positivity and growth for all.”  Classicly, a no brainer, we arrange the access, making the options available viable and achievable.”


Interview with Roxy


What is the strategy for raising awareness? “Results orientated and focussed on enjoyment, knowledge and growth for both student and companies.”


Why would the customer benefit from using Amore Vitae Limited and the services you offer? “Well, the customer is both – the partners, where we grow their sales and services and of course the student, as they gain the opportunities to further their studies and enhance their existence.”


Where do you see the company in three years’ time and what specific challenges do you anticipate having to overcome? Roxy replies as such, “with further funding, our technology and online platform will evolve.  Greater network of partners and opportunities and continued growth of learners.”


Last question, describe your start-up in three words?

LIVE, LAUGH AND LOVE – that is the Mission Statement


If you would like to get information or contact Roxy Robinson directly please
email her



Interviewed by Carol Bay –Freelance Journalist International Success

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