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Interview with Solomon Jaye

US Mag : Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education etc. ??

Solomon Jaye studied Voice as a Bachelor of Musical Theatre at Oklahoma City University. Jaye trained as a tap dancer under Heather Cornell (Director of the Manhattan Tap Ensemble), and the late Robert Reed (Four Step Brothers / founder of the annual Robert Reed St. Louis Tap Festival). Caribbean. In Los Angeles, he applied his versatile training as a Jazz & Hip-hop dancer and acrobat for Fusion Dance Company. Jaye broadened his experience as a choreographer for Santa Barbara Dance Arts. He also worked as a concert planner for Santa Barbara Performing and Visual Arts.



US Mag : We been hearing a lot about you, so we notice your starting to gain a lot of attention how does it feel?

After writing and performing with other successful bands, it’s great to feel that momen betum building as a solo artist



US Mag : What motivates you to do your best work as a artist ?

I strive to inspire people as much as entertain in the way I feel inspired by a lot of my idols. I try to translate my real life hardships into stories and experiences that motivate people to keep moving forward, striving for greatness, and spreading love.



US Mag : We see you are multi talented, what genre do you enjoy most?

It’s always been difficult to distinguish what box to keep myself in. I was a dancer first, but I always wrote stories from the time I was a kid. As far as musical genres, I write a lot of singer-songwriter, indie / pop-rock material for other artists, but I prefer writing Soul / Blues for my own voice


US Mag : Who are your musical inspirations?

Luther Vandross had to smoothest voice to me. I grew up listening to my dad sing his music at weddings. The first song I ever performed in front of an audience was, “Here and Now”. Prince, Earth Wind & Fire, and the band Incubus (random I know).



US Mag : Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to be a professional music artist ?

You have to be a special brand of crazy to do this full-time. If there’s something else you can do and have music as a hobby, do that. I you wake up every day and never feel complete without doing this, you have to do this. If you’re patient and decide to be “in it for the long haul”, you can have great success with a little faith and a lot of hard work.


US Mag : What are your future plans ? Your vision for the coming years.

I just had a few song selected to be played in stores throughout the U.K. I look forward to sharing more music that way or in film and TV but especially onstage performing as long as I can.



US Mag : If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be?

I’d love to perform at the BET Awards or the GRAMMYs



US Mag : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

I mean it when I say, “I love music.” If I’m not out hiking or cooking some new recipe, I’m at a concert.



US Mag : Are you active on social media? whats the best way to follow you ?

I’m not big into selfies, but I love posting food pictures and performance videos from my exotic travel / touring life. It’s cool to feel like I have a way to include everyone on the journey.

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