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Aussie pop star Tom J Williams PROUDLY steps “out”

Aussie pop star Tom J Williams PROUDLY steps “out”

Aussie pop star Tom J Williams has been linked to Andrew Lawson, President of the US based entertainment management firm AMG, LLC. Sources close to the couple have confirmed that the gents have been in a relationship for sometime now and that it’s becoming very serious, and that a wedding may not be too far off. They also added that the pair have tried to remain as low key as possible, however the relationship hit a stage where it was only a matter of time before the details of it were made public. The couple has already sat down for several interviews in Australia to put rumors to rest. Their friends and family have known about the relationship for months, they see this as a mere formality more than anything.

Tom is best known for being a finalist on Australian Idol in 2008, as the youngest contestant in the shows history. Shortly after his stint on Idol he played support for the enormously successful band, “5 Seconds Of Summer”. Continuing to build his career he joined the Australian pop band “At Sunset” and began touring through Australia and Asia. Earlier this year Tom left “At Sunset” and is now working on a solo album and writing/producing for other artists.

Andrew began his career in the entertainment industry at 18. He was a member of the pop band “B-Factor”. While all of the band members were from the US they called London home, choosing to not release music in the states as they wanted to retain their anonymity. Following his 4 years with “B-Factor” he established AMG with the goal of ensuring his clients were handled respectfully, something he himself didn’t experience while being in “B-Factor”.

The couple has been traveling between Australia and the US sometimes weekly. However we’ve confirmed that they are looking at homes in Sufers Paradise and plan to split their time between their new home in Australia and a lake house in Maine. When asked about the distance and specifically how they managed to make their relationship work they expressed how grateful they are to not only be in a position to make their own work hours but also to be able to work from almost anywhere.

We wish these lads the best, we’re sure Tom’s ever growing fan base will fully support them.

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