Have talent, will travel. That’s what Estelle Descard’s business cards should say just under her name. Why? Because she is a one of a kind talented makeup artist and she has been to so many places on this planet. She lives in Paris right now, (she was born in France) but she did live in Sydney, Australia for a while and in Los Angeles for a bit and on the beautiful island of paradise New Caledonia for a stretch too. So, now that we’ve established that Estelle gets around we think that she should come back to L.A. and work in the movie business where great makeup artists are sorely needed and much appreciated.

She actually did work in the movie business for the several months that she lived in Southern California. She was tired of Paris (only the locals could ever get tired of that City of Light) and wanted to travel and live abroad so she picked her dream town, which was Los Angeles, and contacted some big name celebrity makeup artists to se if she could assist them on the motion picture sets. To her surprise (and ours too, frankly) they answered her and invited he to come watch and assist them in their very high art of transforming beautiful people into even more stunningly beautiful people.

The result of makeup artist Estelle Descard

Of course, we had better tell you that Estelle wasn’t just some bright-eyed schoolgirl fan who contacted these highly paid professionals to get their autograph. She was a professional makeup artist herself who had been through years of extensive training at the best makeup schools in Paris including Make Up For Ever Academy and BTS (a beauty formation in the south of France on how to become beautician). She had also worked as a makeup artist for short films and TV shows in Paris, along with tons of photo shoots and modeling shows. Some of the TV shows that Estelle applied her artistic skills to were: The Voice – Paris; L’école des Fans; La Nouvelle Star – Paris; Miss Ronde and Mini Miss in Paris. Estelle also was makeup artist for Lolita Lempicka’s Perfume and Yves Saint Laurant, along with being makeup artist on Gilles Bourdos film Renoir. In Sydney, she also made some of the Aussie women look even more attractive than they are already, if that’s possible. She did makeup artistry work for photo shoots, videos and advertising firms among other jobs.

Estelle is in Paris right now enhancing people’s loveliness with her magical touch. She is planning on coming back to Los Angeles to help us and our movie star friends feel a little more comfortable when we look into the mirror. Hopefully, she will be here soon.

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