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Watering Can Nursery

Watering Can Nursery

I’m still fairly new to the houseplant community, and for some reason, I was skeptical about ordering plants online. I always found it so exciting to blindly walk into a nursery to see if they had any of my wishlist plants in stock. After attempting to search high and low around the Bay Area, I’ve realized that a lot of the plants I was looking for weren’t necessarily easily accessible to my area. Enter: Watering Can Nursery

Let me start off by saying: I’m a researcher; I heavily deep-dive into Reddit forums, lurk on Instagram accounts and hashtags, watch countless YouTube videos, and search basically anywhere I can find information on what I’m looking for. I found out very quickly that The Watering Can is a well-known and reliable family-owned Nursery based in KY.

I placed my very first order with Them a few weeks ago ( I also received 10% off my entire order when I subscribed to there email list!) and purchased the two plants pictured above: I had no idea what to expect, but I was so excited to finally check off two of my wishlist plants from my list. Then, it was time for the waiting game.. After all, I’m purchasing living plants; would they really survive in a box across the country?

Using priority 2-day shipping via USPS, I received my plant mail from Watering Can Nursery, and I was completely blown away with the amount of care and protection each of my new plants had. There was very minimal soil spills, zero leaf casualties, and by far, the best packaging I’ve seen thus far in my plant journey. They also have a great refund policy just in case any of your new plant babies arrive damaged or with any pest issues. Just be sure to contact them within 10 days of receiving your plant with detailed photos to expedite your refund. I don’t anticipate having any issues with The Watering Can, and I’ve already purchased another plant from them.

I highly recommend “Watering Can Nursery” to anyone looking to add to their collection in the U.S. I’ve reached out to them separately to ask an inventory question, and they responded fairly quickly despite all the emails I’m sure they get on a daily basis. I have nothing but high praises to there team. Thank you, for all that you do for the plant community!

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