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Interview with Maja Brexel | Clinical Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist | Founder of Mbrex International

US Mag: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education, your passion etc. ?

I am raised and educated in Germany. Professionally I come from the background of Therapy. I love people and animals. I am a happy person and very pleasant. I speak 4 different languages and my passion is Hypnosis. It is amazing what all is possible using this powerful tool. It is literally a magic wand.
I do Hypnosis wherever I am.

US Mag: Can you please tell our readers more about your profession ?

About Hypnosis? Yes, sure.

For the start: Forget all myth and misunderstandings and false believes you have about Hypnosis.
Clear them out now, I tell you now exactly what Hypnosis is and does for you!

Hypnosis is the most powerful transformational tool you will ever find. There is no other. Hypnosis is your magic wand. Literally.

With Hypnosis you make your life different. Every single part of it in every single aspect of it. Everything you want to change. You tell me how you want it different and I put it into action for you and make it your new reality in the shortest period of time for the longest period of time, that is your life.

You let me, I do for you.

What don’t you need any more
What do you want more of or be better in/at or what do you want?! Make yourself. Choose.

Additionally what Hypnosis can do with humans, there is another art of Hypnosis, combined with Quantum Science. That allows to operate in a whole different level and make incredible things possible. It is called Quantum Hypnosis.

As I master the Art of Quantum Hypnosis.

I developed my own method in the Quantum Field to put into use to to talk to the once, who are the most important companions and most loyal friends in our lives.
Now I make it possible to talk to your animals. gives animals a voice.

My distinctive approach to the Quantum Animal Hypnosis Technique is not only to talk to your animals or pets, you can also implement any changes you want, breeding problems are solved, the animals can be tuned and trained with this technique more profound, more intensive and more efficient than any trainer in the world and you learn all about the health status of your animal from the animal itself. I assure you that my service will do the job for you.

Quantum animal tuning can have a critical impact on your competitive pets or animals. I can optimize your sports companions if that is what you want. So that your sport animal is more powerful, more concentrated, more focused and faster than any other opponent. Make yourself your winner!
Quantum Animal Hypnosis is the ultimate solution to all your needs.

As I understand that it is important to always give back, I put all of my skills and abilities in good use for a good course with MBIFA – MBrex International Foundation for Animals where I heal animals in shelters, refugees, sanctuaries… all over the word. Do you know any shelter, refuge, sanctuary? Connec t them with and help anymals worldwide. Yes, You also can activly do something to help animals through It is a beautiful feeling to have my own Foundation and to do all the good work.

Having encountered Hypnosis and developed this technique, thius is exactly where I shall be and what I shall do in my life.

And the best thing about my unique method is that the animals are never present at any of the sessions.
That means that I work with animals all over the world.

That also means, wherever you are in the world you can use my services.

You on the other hand can choose to come to me personally and take part in this outstanding experience yourself in where you will imprint with your animal.

In the event that you cannot or do not want to come personally, I offer you solutions. I’ll come to you or you book a surrogate / replacement with me, who will then take your place.

US Mag: It’s easy to change the animals unwanted habits and behaviour?

Easy for me because I master my technique.

Easy emotionally, mostly not, as often these unwanted habits or/and behaviours have their root course related to an incident. These incidences are not pleasant ones. As I have to listen to all of them, to even the most gruesome stories to what has been done to the animals is not rarely heartbreaking. I listen and heal and theses moments are not easy. No.

Still the outcome is all that matters to me.

It is worth all these horrible pictures in my head because the animals will heal and live without fear and more important with joy and happiness and inner freedom for the rest of their lives and some even can be let Back into the wild or even the before declared hopeless cases some even find a Forever Home.
There is nothing more beautiful then that.

US Mag: What has been one of the most exciting achievements of your career so far ?

The most exiting: To have developed my own technique in the Field of Quantum Hypnosis. A technique I can pass on, one I can use for the good and the one I can teach now.

My technique is unique to me only in this world.

That really is something to be able to say to and about myself.

The most emotional achievement using the technique.

To talk to my very own animal. His name is Joe and he is my beautiful white male cat. The first time I spoke to him I cried. That was one of the most beautiful moments of my entire life.

US Mag: What’s your goal in life you want to achieve next as founder of MBrex International?

Continuous growth and publicity for MBrex International.

My services are for everyone and everyone should know about and Hypnosis, as being the most powerful tool to be used by everyone.

US Mag: What motivates you to do your best work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

Even though I am a Therapist, more then once actually, it is Hypno Therapist Psycho Therapist and Occupational Therapist since more then 20 years, I introduce myself different.

I am a Hypnotist and I master the Art of Quantum Hypnosis.

I use my tools, wherever I am. You let me, I do. I never need motivation to do my best. It is what I am. The Best.

US Mag: Did you choose this field, as a career, or as a hobby?

It was chosen as a career and it became my lives purpose. My passion. There is nothing else for me. Being a Hypnotist and using my Quantum Animal Hypnosis is what I shall have become being here, right now.

US Mag: Your favourite quote?

Pleasantly different from every one else. This is my favourite quote that describe me. I am full of surprises. Everything can happen with me.

US Mag: Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

Walk with my cats. Joe, my whit male cat and Princessa my black girl and I we walk together. Where I go my cats go. Specially Joe. Even when I am by a neighbor having coffee on the Terrase, 4 Apartment down the road, Joe comes with me and just is there. Main point for him, being where I am and he is happy. Walking with my cats, just us.

I like renting a Kayak and be on the clear water. Picknick. Pilates. Laying in the sand, under the palm trees at the sea.

To dance. Definitely dance. I love to dance. To sing. And eat. I love good food.

US Mag: How can people find you and follow you online?

Facebook: MBrex International Institute of clinical Hypnosis, Maja Brexel
Linked in: Maja Brexel, Instagram: Maja Brexel

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