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David Liss: A Wonder in Perfume Collections from France

The art of looking good is one that takes a courageous, adventurous and optimistic being to bring to life. Having gone for an amazing selection of wears that fit in with the shape of our body, we tend not to be complete without putting a crown on it all. Wearing a perfume is a symbol of crown to every royalty we carry as human; especially to those who know and love to celebrate their royalty.

David LISS perfume collections are not just a testimony to this assertion but also a representation of luxury, prestige, and unprecedented offering that make whoever wears them to dominate the aura of the day. Since 2014, David LISS have been keeping up to the standard of delivering high quality perfumes that are skillfully developed in France, the country that stands as the epitome of luxurious fragrance.

Not all perfume companies understand the different natures that come with the production of perfumes. Unlike David LISS, who have displayed their expertise in women and men’s perfumes in terms of luxury perfume and soulful fragrance that connects their wearer with every golden moment.

David LISS perfumes come in timeless, gorgeous, and captivating containers, holding sophisticated fragrances that fit into both classical and contemporary levels. And as part of their organizational promises, they are given to innovational and technological advancements that is obvious in the products they offer in order to satisfy everyone that comes in contact with their collections.



Talking of affordability, this Paris perfumer has been offering elegant and pocket friendly luxury perfumes to join the statistics of nearly 300thousand perfume bottles sold in France on yearly basis since inception in 2014.

An added advantage that David LISS has over most available perfume stores online is that, we make direct sales of our customers’ favorite fragrances from our online shop, which stands as a symbol of closeness to every of our buyers.

the women’s collection includes the “White Musc”, a 100ml spray specially made for women, and the “Elixir Chic” that comes in Cassis – Chocolate flavor (100ml) to the “Fabulous Lady” enclosed in a 50ml container of Sandal wood flavor. “Nouvelle Muse” is made up of Praline Raspberry and carefully packaged in a 50ml bottle, “Femme Citron Vert/Musc Blanc”, and more soulful flavor that bring out the queen in every woman.

the men’s collection range from “Insolent”, a body spray made from Bergomot Black Pepper fragrance trapped in a 50ml container, to “Fabulous Men” another perfume enclosed in 50ml bottle, to the Oriental Spices flavored “Human Day” 100ml men perfume, to “Esthete” 100ml perfume. Likewise, our specially made “LISS water” Cider / Grapefruit flavor perfume for men and “H for Men” Mandarin / Coriander flavor perfume for leading men.

To get any of these beautiful collections for yourself, spouse, and those close to your heart, all you need to do is log on to our online store, select as many as possible in your shopping cart and watch us deliver them to you without delay!

David LISS Perfumes: an unprecedented olfactory experience where perfection matches with emotion!


David LISS Perfumes



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