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“Faded wanderings” – Céline Schmink

Faded wanderings - Céline Schmink

Céline Schmink is a french singer, songwriter and autoharpist. She’s a well-known face on french TV shows such a JJDA and has been featured on many french, german, irish and american radio shows. Over the years, she has won several awards and recognitions. One of the most recent awards was for her video clip for “Bêtes d’orage”, which she won in 2016. She has also been a finalist of The Radio Airplay Summer Contest with her retro rock song “Compulsive Ways”. Céline is influenced by various artistes like; Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Daniel Darc, Chris Isaak and so on.

What ‘News Nashville’ website wrote about her musical journey : “The great role models have pushed her to become the musical genius that she has now become and her tenacity and originality just makes her better by the day. The LP Faded Wandering is proof that Céline knows what she is all about and she is willing to continue in that line”.

You can listen to Wanderings here :


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