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Germany Kent On Beauty, Standing Out And Standing Up For Causes – Our EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the Media Mogul

Germany Kent On Beauty, Standing Out And Standing Up For Causes Our EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the Future

Being multifaceted has proven successful for actress, model, producer, media personality and social media powerhouse Germany Kent.

The Mississippi native, who just recently was honored in a homecoming celebration where the Mayor proclaimed “Germany Kent Day” in her hometown of Greenville, is no stranger to the spotlight. Kent has received countless awards for her philanthropy and good works. Though she has accolades to envy, the thing she values most is her personal commitment to humanity and making a global impact through service.

Kent is recognized as a global social media influencer, and trusted media resource who has been ranked as one of the Top 100 leaders in social media marketing, named Top 100 people to follow on Twitter, Top 25 individuals & brands in social media marketing, and amongst the Top 15 most influential social media marketing influencers on Twitter.

The flourishing bestselling author has been busy promoting her latest critically acclaimed book, You Are What You Tweet: Harness the Power of Twitter to Create a Happier, Healthier Life. The nonfiction motivational book has gained international attention and garnered Kent multiple book awards, including recognition with the prestigious International Book Awards and Literary Classics.


Germany Kent On Beauty, Standing Out And Standing Up For Causes Our EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the Future Media


Kent has played many diverse roles on TV, and worked alongside A-list celebrities in movies, and music videos. The renowned celebrity host, who has interviewed some of Hollywood’s most recognized talent, has probably interviewed one of your favorite stars. As if that wasn’t interesting enough, you may have seen the well-known commercial actress endorsing one of your favorite products, as Kent has been featured in multiple national print and television advertisements for numerous household brands.

The charismatic beauty has a warm and humbled spirit, and to be near her is to think you have known her for years. Kent makes you feel comfortable and empowered. If you see her in person you will swear that her pictures do not do her justice, as she is radiant, without makeup.

We recently caught up with the activist and humanitarian and this is what she shared with US Mag.


How do you keep your skin healthy?

I exfoliate twice a week with an apricot scrub. I load up on moisturizers and primarily  use products with apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, flower extract and fruit extract. I try to take off all of the camera-ready makeup every night.  I drink a lot of water and take vitamins. I work really hard to keep my skin healthy.


What about exercise?

Honestly, I’m not doing very much – not unless you consider running to catch a plane. It’s just not my thing. Occasionally, I will go walking – when my mom comes to visit – because she is the exercise queen! She tries to get me to exercise more. I’m just not there yet, still to come…maybe, next time we chat, I’ll have a new report on that in the future.


How do you get noticed and stand out?

Just be you! People always ask me something to that effect and I generally always give the same answer – just be yourself, and somebody will take notice. I have a personal quote that speaks to that, ”Somewhere somebody is looking for someone just like you.” Besides, you want to get noticed for the right reasons, whether that is celebrating your passion or living out your dreams. You want to make sure you are a light and that is the reason why you stand out.


How do you use your professional credentials to help causes?

I try to make myself available to mentor youth and motivate them on their journey. I work really hard to uplift and encourage people who have fallen victim to struggles in life trying to let them know that if they can outlast the season, better is coming. I provide hope, encouragement, and inspire people to live their best life. I really try to set the tone by my example leading and inspiring others to advocate for causes, which are important to them. I am a firm believer that when you reach out to help others it helps you to focus, to have clarity and to find your purpose in life.


What motivates you?

I work hard at trying to be the best I can be. My commitment is always to be better – do more, give more, be more. I don’t do what I do for rewards or big bucks; I do what I do because I love what I’m doing. I’ve never been motivated by money – it doesn’t drive me. I am extremely motivated by making a difference. Each day I wonder how I can give more back.


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