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7 Chic and Sophisticated Ways To Dress a Maxi Dress

7 Chic and Sophisticated Ways To Dress a Maxi

The print trend is getting bigger and bigger and we adore it – especially on a maxi dress. This fall we picked some Mark & Roberts Maxi Dress Patterns that will make you fall in love with just one glance. They are so in and are stylishly fashionable – from traditional plaids to clean graphic grids – the textile designs for the fall 2017 are on the rise!

There prints that are soft, feminine and take obvious inspiration from vintage botanical illustrations. On the other hand there are those that nailed this trend offering delicate floral prints with both dark and light grounds. This trend also made room for the emergence of tight floral prints reminiscent of the late 19th century movement and this style of floral is normally associated with autumnal collections.Take a look at our marvelous and inspiring collection of beautifully made long garbs:


      1.     Vintage Queen in Floral Retro

7 Chic and Sophisticated Ways To Dress a Maxi

This pretty yellow vintage maxi dress is like a fall infusion and it is a perfect outfit for a wedding guest! We honestlythink this isone of those that you can wear it even on a casual or a daytime happening or even with just a simple going out and catching up with your friends over a coffee. We noticed this beautiful yellow chiffon garb for a few weeks. It is an effortless look but you can still shine bright among other at some special occasion style that looks in place at all sorts of events no matter the hour. What you need to do is to adjust the accessories for the formality and this one can go anywhere! We chose to pick up on the taupe and gray tones of thiswith a silvery light gold. No matter whether the invitation says beach chic, casual, semi-formal or even a formal dress code – this long attire can do it all!


    2.     Dazzling in Faded Tropics

This is one of those kinds that it would be great wearing it at daytime outdoor affairs in the garden or perhaps a vineyard event. This green and white printed gown has such preppy style and has been a look that I haven’t been able to get out of my head. For maximum garden style you can add some pink coral accessories and some woven accessories that give a casual polish to the look. The only other accessory this one needs is perhaps a hat a little mint julep in a silver cup! And for the heels I would go with beige or some similar color so that all attention goes to the white-green printed one.


   3.     Silk for a Luxurious Appearance

This one is a great choice for transitioning from late evenings to a daytime affair all summer long. And I am officially in love with the fashion line, material and print – it is simply gorgeous. If you are in need of a perfect one that speaks to summer days with bright blooms, but still has the substance and style for you to wear it in fall or in the early spring days then this is my best pick. The fabric is luxurious and easy-to-wear and has a great combination of vibrant summer-like colors. I think that this is one of the most appropriate combinations for any type of happening and you can wear it with a small amount of jewelry. And for the shoes, I would go with beige or other bright color for an attentive look. For the accessories, I would add turquoise and citrine yellow-green – and how that copper clutch and gold shoes pop against the teal and green, and also bring out the metallic richness of the fabric.


    4.     Elegant in Pictorial Stories

Kick off your design season with being focused exclusively on print and color. Key directions come to life with visually stunning imagery in easy to reference magazine-style layouts. Whether you design apparel, home goods or surface designs, this shows you the way to creating an exciting and market relevant collection for the fall 2017 season and beyond. Each print has a story and this one gives an image of freedom, airiness and creativity. Some are still avoiding this print because they consider it as pajama wear and would not wear it outside the house without ever realizing that fashion is all about uniqueness. And this particular kind gives you the exact feeling. No wonder only the eccentrics are wearing it the most.


    5.     Street Style in Soft Navajo

This fashion week has confirmed that the Navajo style is not only for hippies – it more than just a trend. Wearing this particular pattern detailed with tribal touch it can make you feel like an Indian princess but can also add a slight touch of the 70’s style to your everyday outfit. Some are considering this print as casual wear and is the most popular at festivals. We say they are wrong! With the right pair of heels it can be worn even to a beach wedding. We say it is all about how you style it. In order to pull of much elegant look try to avoid the bold colors on this print and opt for bright ones and neutrals. The geometric sculpturing will look classy even for a formal event – from cocktail party to a black tie affair.


As you can see, the appellation of the next color trend speaks for itself being suggestive of some rich foliage and bringing about utmost elegance, sophistication and swagger. Whether it is used on garment pieces or just on some accessories, come-hither looks are assured. Designers usually gamble with their collections that seem to be not so easily approachable at first blush while there are others with wavy ruffled collection triumphantly matched with navy blue. Some are avoiding the pattern trend without realizing they can look modern and chic at the same time. Simple does not always mean sophisticated. You can pull of this trend by looking simple and cannot possibly go wrong, we have your back.

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