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Exclusive Interview with Julia George: Author, Director, and Global Explorer

US Mag Club: Welcome, Julia! It’s a pleasure to have you here. Let’s dive right into your diverse world of creativity. As an accomplished author, director, and adventurer, you certainly wear many hats. How do you balance your professional roles, including writing books, directing International Films Day, and running “Auditions with the Shakespeare’s Apprentice”?

Julia George: Thank you for having me! It’s quite a juggling act, but I thrive on the variety. Each role brings its own set of challenges and joys. Writing allows me to explore the depths of imagination, directing International Films Day is a celebration of global cinema, and “Auditions with the Shakespeare’s Apprentice” is a passion project where talent takes center stage.

US Mag Club: Your book series “Amala: A Life on Lockdown” has garnered significant attention, reaching its 5th sequel. Can you share more about the inspiration behind this series and what readers can expect in the latest installment?

Julia George: “Amala” is a journey through life’s complexities, and with each sequel, we delve deeper into Amala’s world. The inspiration comes from observing the human experience, especially during challenging times. The latest sequel promises new dimensions, challenges, and a continuation of Amala’s captivating story.

US Mag Club: Your travel series, “Desi Author Takes a Trip,” is a unique blend of exploration and storytelling. Can you tell us about your latest adventure in Australia and New Zealand and how it influenced your writing?

Julia George: Traveling is a profound source of inspiration for me. The recent venture to Australia and New Zealand was particularly adventurous. The breathtaking views and unique experiences have infused the upcoming book with vibrant stories. Exploring different cultures always adds a special touch to my writing.

US Mag Club: From aspiring actress to a renowned writer, your journey is inspiring. How did your childhood dream shape your path, leading you to become a celebrated author?

Julia George: Childhood dreams have a way of shaping our aspirations. While I initially dreamt of being the most famous actress, life had different plans. Becoming a renowned writer was an unexpected yet fulfilling journey. I’ve found joy in crafting stories and connecting with readers worldwide.

US Mag Club: Your upcoming 12th anniversary on December 22nd is a significant milestone. How do you manage the balance between a successful career and a thriving family life, especially with a hubby who’s both a source of craziness and hard work?

Julia George: Balancing family and career requires constant effort and gratitude. As we approach our 12th anniversary, it’s a time of reflection and appreciation. My hubby, who can be a bit nutty at times, is also a hardworking and supportive partner. Showing gratitude for the craziness and hard work is key to maintaining a happy balance.

US Mag Club: Recommending books for different age groups is a thoughtful touch. Can you tell us more about the books you recommend for teenagers and kids, and how readers can connect with you?

Julia George: Certainly! For teenagers, I recommend the “Amala: A Life on Lockdown” series, a fictional journey through complexities. For kids, “Pizza Loving Tiger” and “Fencing: A Royal Sport,” co-authored by my 7-year-old daughter Abigail David, offer delightful adventures. Readers can connect with me on Instagram (@juliageorgeauthor) for updates and explore my work on our website International Films Day.

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