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Newton Gritters 1: The Foundation | Eddie Beasley Jr.

Newton Gritters is an epic tale that packs a punch and very intense. Descriptive and detailed. Despite not having much a plot, the storyline moves right along with bossy characters that’s full of Gritty Antics. The setting aline is like an character itself. Newton Gritters has its own individualistic style. It’s like reading a movie and the characters coming alive right in front of you.

Newton Gritters series is about a character name 3 who relocates from Baltimore, Maryland to Canton,Ohio with just a bag of prison clothes. Desperately trying to escape the harsh reality of Baltimore, 3 tries to turn over a new leaf in Canton City, but somehow falls victim to the underworld of Newton’s Society. What starts off temporarily converted into a 10 year saga full of drama and deadly ups and downs to 3 finally seeing the light at the end of tunnel.


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