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Sandra Day | CEO/Owner of Purple Ribbon Office Solutions

Sandra Day is the CEO of Owner of Purple Ribbon Office Solutions the first Minority-owned Business center & Virtual mailing station business. serving over 3200 clients.


“Establishing my services on a foundation of integrity, I am a highly dedicated Business Consultant who possesses the skill and passion necessary to help aspiring professionals/startups reach new levels of sustainable success. To date, I hold an extensive background involving the intricacies of leadership development, organizational growth, credit/marketing accentuation, and inspiring healthy mindset transformations, and continuously leverage that dynamicity to guide my clients on cultivating the high-performing business future they deserve.

Born and raised in a single-family home with my sister and brother, I learned early on the core value of resilience and a strong work ethic. Part of that stems from my natural-born progressive nature and the other from understanding that in order to get ahead in life, you must put in the work to make it happen. This, along with my rooted appreciation for all things growth and development, became the catalyst for me to attend college to begin my career in Business Administration while my siblings pursued serving in the Army. Upon earning my associate’s degree in Business and a bachelor’s in Education, I spent the next 15 years working across various organizations, proactively gaining a solid track record of exceeding pipeline goals while maintaining internal scaling profitability.

In addition to boosting department-wide performance and fostering mutually beneficial results, I have also gained a strong reputation throughout for my specializations revolving around executing full-scale operational improvements and advancing workplace cultures. Now taking that with me to the business consulting space, I have since intertwined my near two decades of startup expeditions and history working as a Childcare Director/ teacher, life coach, and mentor to help others raise the bar for their businesses, their teams, and ensure a profitable path forward.

As a consultant fueled by helping others succeed, I have a genuine passion for translating startup objectives into tangible realities and doing so while ensuring everyone across the organizational pipeline has positive constructive experiences along the way. From creating unique business plans to leadership optimization, I ultimately demonstrate my efforts by delivering actionable, strategic, innovative, and tailored support that unlocks bottom-up potential and solidifies scaling futures. Because in the end, every startup business and ambitious entrepreneur has what it takes to excel within their market with the right mindset and brand executions – and sometimes all it takes is attaining qualified perspectives from a consultant you can trust to both recognize and capitalize on that.

Overall, my career is my passion and I am always staying updated with the current market and business trends to ensure my clients receive the opulent service and results they merit. I am diligent, efficient, and an endorsed business consultant who takes pride in positioning my clients up for success as they navigate across the competitive market. However, when I am not working, you can often find me swimming, skating, playing kickball and softball, hiking, traveling, and above all, spending time with my husband, our three children, and my bonus children.”

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