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Idris Veliu

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Idris Veliu is a well-known up and coming Hollywood actor that at the age of 17, has already worked with some of the top actors in Hollywood, including Awkwafina and 50 Cent. He was one of ten actors asked by Academy Award winning producer Steven Spielberg to Audition for him to play Spielberg himself in his latest movie Fabelmans, he also has auditioned to play Academy Award Nominee, Liam Neeson’s (Taken) son in his latest project Retribution and Dark Harvest with Elizabeth Reaser (Twilight) and Luke Kirby (Gossip Girl) which has landed him up against some of Hollywood’s most well-known actors competing for the same roles as him.


Veliu has done all this while still attending High School, preparing for his SAT’s and applying to college. This would be more than any regular teenager could handle, but hard work and success runs in the family. Veliu is the son of immigrants from Albania, who started what has become a successful construction business in New Jersey. His older sister is currently at college studying to be an engineer. He speaks several languages fluently including Albanian.


Veliu worked hard in order to secured one of Hollywood’s top talent Managers, Craig Rogalski with international talent management agency, CK Talent after leaving ICM, where he felt his career was not getting the attention it needed. Rogalski is known for his unconventional approach to managing talent.

Veliu has taken the hard work instilled in him by his parents and created a successful career in acting. To look at him though, he is just a regular kid from New Jersey in a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. He self admits that he hid his acting career from his schoolmates, friends and some of his family. However as he became more well-known it was harder for him to hide it. After working on his British accent with Jame Spader’s (Blacklist) accent coach for many months, he booked a recurring role on a British Sitcom called “Happy Hours” , which is being Produced by Stephen Murphy (Indian Jones 5) and Darren Kent (Game of Thrones). He mostly spends time on studio sets and on planes flying over the Atlantic to the UK. While most actors from the UK perfect their American accents and fly to LA, Veliu has been traveling the other way, this unconventional strategy was constructed by his new Talent Manager.

So Rogalski immediately flew him over to London to get his headshots with British celebrity photographer, John Clarke, whose clients include Claire Foy (The Crown), Rege-Jean Page (Bridgerton) and Burn Gorman (Halo). He then worked on Veliu’s public appearances, where this year he was the youngest actor to walk the red carpet at LA Fashion Week. While there he found himself in a private VIP room with the cast of All American (Netflix) and celebrities like Andy Dick (Zoolander) a first for Veliu.

Veliu already working and appearing in Hollywood projects with Awkwafina, in Awkwafina is Nora From Queens (Comedy Central), with 50 Cent in Power (CBS) and with Darren Kent (Game of Thrones) in the UK, he has begun to cement himself with both Hollywood and London studios.

Veliu has taken the hard work instilled into him by his parents and created a successful career in acting. Which is the foundation of why he has become more well-known at such a young age and it is now harder for him to hide it. So he has decided to take control of his career and do it his way!

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