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The Future of Pop, Dayna Pleasant, talks about her New Single ‘Kill My Vibe’, in candid interview

US Mag: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education, music passion etc. ??

My name is Dayna Pleasant and I’m 14 years old and in my last year of middle school here in Texas. I’ve always love singing. As a smaller child I would sing in the car all the time, trying to sound like the singers I heard on the radio. I started taking formal singing lessons about 5 years ago, which led me into wanting to dance and act as well.

US Mag: We been hearing a lot about you and your music so we notice you’re starting to gain a lot of attention how does it feel?

Honestly, it was weird for me at first. Before this song came out, I sang all covers so people knew I could sing, but it was different when other people are now singing MY song. But now its really cool to know people are feeling that way about my music as they do some more well known singers.

US Mag: Can you please tell us more about your new Single “Kill My Vibe”?

I got to work with an amazing writer, Candice Pillay on this song. She wrote this song to be fun but to also have a message that anyone can have good time even if you are by yourself. We did a music video that also tried to show how each of us sometimes have opposing sides to ourselves…introvert and extrovert and that it is ok to have both.

US Mag: What motivates you to do your best work as a Singer?

When I’m singing, I really want to show others that they can be confident in themselves. This is really something that I can relate to because I was a super shy kid and still can be even today. So being my best helps me with my confidence and I want to inspire others like me to be confident as well.

US Mag: What are you working on now and where do you feel your music is headed?

Right now I’m working on my EP. My goal is to create songs that when people sing them, they feel like it is their song. When they feel like that, the message will sink in that they are amazing all the time.

US Mag: What are your future plans in acting? Your vision for the coming years.

I have landed a small role in a movie that is scheduled to be released sometime in 2022, but I would love to keep growing in my acting skills and one day land a lead role in a feature film.

US Mag: At what point did you decide to become a professional singer?

Honestly it was my first time in the studio where I was preparing for a showcase and I was recording my own background vocals to cover songs I was going to perform. I spent 2 full days working on this and a few original songs and just had a great time. That was really the first time I thought I could be a professional singer because I really enjoyed what others have called “work”.

US Mag: If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be?

It would amazing to be invited to perform at Coachella one day. I watched a few shows about some of my favorite artists performing there and crowd was hyped for their performances.

US Mag: Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

I pick up my phone and binge watch my favorite shows on Netflix. I’ll also check out Tik Tok videos too. Mostly just trying to relax.

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