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Meet the Russian-French designer Audrey Soie

Meet the Russian-French designer Audrey Soie

After Paris Fashion week our editor got a scarf from Audrey – and this is how we know her. “Every time I come styled with this scarf, people ask me: where you’ve got it?!”,— she says. Audrey’s scarf collection received lots of positive feedback from editors, thousands of likes on Facebook and lots of love from actual customers. We requested few testimonials here is what people say: “I haven’t seen anything similar, I truly admire Audrey’s art and think her scarves are unique.””Every time I wear it I get lots of compliments and something exciting happens! It became my lucky scarf.””I got a “Florist” foulard and with its unique color combination I can wear it with almost all my favorite pieces: it goes well with blues, greens, violets and even browns. Haven’t seen this at any other scarf I own!”. These pieces are not just scarves but works of art produced of finest materials and with exquisite workmanship. In one year the brand achieved quite a lot: Audrey Soie has her signature style, distributors and loyal admirers of her art. How that became possible, what it takes for a drawing to become a scarf and what is the secret of the Audrey Soie success? To answer this and some more questions, we’ve got Olga Driga, the designer of Audrey Soie scarf collection.




US Mag : Audrey Soie, you have a very exciting and successful brand with tons of positive feedback and passion on social media – congratulations! What is it that makes people so passionate about your pieces? What makes them unique?

Olga: The Audrey Soie collection was created as wearable art.The artistic core of scarf underlines the beauty of each person wearing it creating a unique feeling of being pretty. The Rich palette of scarves became possible due to a special technology of painting. Many colors arise on scarves which go well together and can be styled with a great variety of the pieces in the wardrobe. The production team ensures the best quality of the scarves making the final scarf a professionally-made luxury product with all the benefits of having a hand-painted design.


US Mag : Do you do the initial painting yourself?

Olga: Yes, and this is the part I enjoy most. I usually paint on silk and my method of painting combines two classical methods of silk-painting: so-called cold and hot batik.


US Mag : So in addition to your unique drawings, you have a special painting technique. What is special about this technique?

Olga: After testing the traditional methods of batik, I understood that my emotions can be reflected combining both methods: in such way, my author’s technology was born. Using it I managed to bring to life the images from my head which won’t be possible to recreate in any other genre. It combines all: graphics, water color, and oil painting… But the most essential thing, in my opinion, is that batik is a sensual painting. Everything depends on the mood, character, contemplation of nature. An artist sketches not so much by brush, as by heart!


US Mag : And what it takes for a painting to become a scarf?

Olga: When the painting is done it gets digitized and then transferred for all kind of natural materials (silk, cashmere, viscose). Those pieces are hand-crafted and hand rolled or fringed before they become a scarf.  In addition, the drawing is transferred using ecological non-toxic inks, so Audrey Soie is 100% organic scarves.


US Mag : Do you wear your scarves?

Olga: In the beginning of the brand I was only producing the pieces for myself. I’ve I got many questions “where can I get one of those?” I finally dared to start a brand. And I do not regret… This is how Audrey Soie was born!


US Mag : Audrey Soie has two distributors in Europe, so how about the United States? Where could our readers get one of those stunning scarves?

Olga: Indeed, Europe is covered by our distributors, but we do take private orders directly. In this period many people are ordering for their loved ones. We do worldwide shipping and wrap scarves in nice gift packages adding a personal note to the receiver. We make sure that the warmest wishes and an authentic present will bring joy to any part of the world! Knowing how tiring and ineffective Christmas shopping can be, we want to make it easy and pleasant for our customers. If you want one of our scarves, just forward a message to us on Facebook or our web page – – and we will take care of the rest!


US Mag : What are your wishes to our readers for the coming year?

Olga: Stay pretty, don’t be afraid of your craziest dreams (as they may come true!). Remember: beauty is priceless. If you desire something – just go for it!



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