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A moment with Songstress Yunique

US Mag : As you started off with a small independent group, so can you please tell us why you part ways and focus on your music as a solo artist ?

Well I parted ways because I truly needed to focus on myself as a person and as an artist I needed to start getting my own feet on the ground which is actually going very good and smooth with having a great team behind me and on top of that I was a young teenager in school still so I still needed to focus more on my studies as well.



US Mag : Do you get nervous before a performance ? How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

Yes I do get nervous before a performance. I take mistakes with a grain of salt it’s a lesson learned and it’s all about preparation and bettering your work and yourself each time, we are all human mistakes will happen it’s apart of the game and life and just have to continue pushing forward.



US Mag : Tell us about your single “Your Loss”. ? What kind of response you expect?

“Your Loss” is basically about a woman who has had enough of the b.s and disrespect she had encountered with her man. He keeps taking her for granted and thinks that she won’t eventually get fed up have a breaking point and actually leave but little does he know his time is up he should have done right by her and how it’s his loss which every woman I’m sure can relate to. I would love an awesome response I want people to relate to it, acne to it and make people think. By the way the single is out on iTunes and other digital sites look up Yunique “your loss” buy it, listen to it you will love it.



US Mag : Could you briefly describe the music-making process?

When I’m making music I literally have to close myself off into a quiet place and think sometimes I’ll listen to different melodies or beats that my husband makes and get some ideas about a topic for a track and begin writing.




US Mag : What are your rehearsals generally like? Do you have a set time each week in which you practice or are rehearsals more spontaneous?

I haven’t performed in awhile the last time I performed was a couple of years ago in Cleveland, especially since right now my team and I are still developing me as an artist but when I do have performances I put a certain time frame a couple days a week to how I perform the song how I need my voice to sound things of that nature.




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