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Santino De La Tore ( Aka SDLT ) talks about his Family, Music & Videos in candid interview

US Mag : Please introduce yourself to the readers. How and when did you first get into the music industry and how does your family support your music ?

Since I was born, I was very into music. Then, I learned how to play guitar when I was 14 and created my first rock band. I have been making records since I was 17, now I am 44 and I continue to make albums. My whole family knows that music is my passion and I can not live without it.
The support is natural and full of love. I share with them every time I have a new idea for a song and when I have the demo, I put it in the car and we all listen to the fresh new song. The funny thing is that sometimes I sing without lyrics, just to have the melody recorded, and my kids learned that way.



US Mag : How do you manage the time to deal with family, music, and videos ?

At the beginning when I had my first child, it was extremely difficult, since the baby needed so much attention and I used to give my attention to my art only, besides the responsibilities and the love to my wife. So, the more I learned to be a father, the more I understood that I had to be more organized and be more disciplined with the whole concept of being a devoted father and work in something solid to have stability.

So, evidently, I have a wonderful wife that always supported me with my art, but she also helped me to understand how to deal with the real world without cutting my wings as a creative person. Now we have a second child and things are even easier than before. I have enough time to work as a video director, and I have enough time to do my music and I spend a lot of time with my family. I also do sports and socialize with friends.



US Mag : Is your family as musical as you ?

Very musical! We have instruments all over the the house and in the studio, they have piano classes, drums, singing lessons, etc. My wife used to work in the music industry for many years and now she is a DJ. We all have our own musical taste and we share that as well.



US Mag : So, everyone knows you make music and videos, but who motivated you, who’s some of your favorite people to listen to ?

I grew up with a lot of music around me, but when I was a teenager my sister’s boyfriend was a bass player of a band, and that was the first time I was close to a real musician. He was my first guitar teacher and then I took the fast lane to learn with many teachers and created my own band. Five years after later I was a rock star in the most prestigious rock band in Perú.

US Mag : How do you jump from one artistic project to another ?

Honestly, I don t know, I think it is because I am in love with all the projects that I am into. I am producing seven different album currently and I am also making videos for companies, music videos for many artist, music for apps and the music and sound effects for the videos that I am creating as well. Everything is related to music and videos.



US Mag : How is your family configuration or how many members are in your family and who is racing them while you are doing your art ?

Dad, mom, son and daughter. We are racing each other. My wife and I are the providers and educators and very devoted parents, but the four of us learn a lot from each other.


US Mag : How would you describe your current sound ?

Sensual, Dark, Cinematographic, Soulful, Majestic, Fusion.



US Mag : Tell me more about you as a video director and what are you working on right now ?

I am working in some video commercial for Ozobot, which is an educational robot that will merge with Marvel. So right now I am making a Spiderman/Ozobot commercial and right away I have to start with Guardians of the Galaxy/Ozobot. Besides that, I am making a documentary and music videos.



US Mag : How can people find you and follow you online ?

If you visit my website, you will find different links to go to Facebook, Youtube, etc. Check it out!



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