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Interview with Gorgeous Model Karina

Interview with Gorgeous Model

US Mag : How did you get discovered?

My agent found me on social networks. At the time I was 23. I did some test shooting. I didn’t expect such a success in the job search. To my surprise a month later I participated in the fashion week in Milan. It was an amazing feeling.


US Mag : What was your first big break in the industry?

WOW, um I believe it’s been every break, no matter how big or small. I work with all sorts of people and I believe if you just have fun on a shoot people will want to work with you again.


US Mag : Where is your favorite place to travel?

New York. I love this city for its rhythm, the concentration of the most daring design ideas, the availability of open opportunities for work, the presence of interesting people. I think that in this city everyone will find a place to their liking.


US Mag : How do you deal with all the traveling required to be a model? How do you cure jet-lag?

I don’t get jet lag fortunately. I’m still so young that I’m mainly awake all the time anyway. And the traveling is the best part of this industry! So I don’t deal, I ENJOY!


US Mag : Being a model requires a lot of travel. Which items you couldn’t live without in your bag?

First, my phone. I can’t imagine how 90’s models got around navigating physical maps. Google maps have saved my life on numerous occasions.

Second, it’s absolutely imperative that I have a book. It’s immeasurably useful. I can read as I’m commuting; at a casting; backstage; on set- literally whenever I have a moment that needs to be filled, I instantly have something to do. I’ve read so many books just by doing this


US Mag : Which items of clothing could you not live without?

Well I can’t live without my typical outfit: a white T-shirt, suit jacket and black pants.


US Mag : Favorite city to shop?

Definitely Paris .The vintage there is incredible. I enjoy traveling and shopping as a combined activity, so I tend to splurge more than I would .


US Mag : What you do to stay in shape?

Pilates, but I’m now actually looking for a dance studio. I don’t exercise very much so I’m thinking maybe if it’s a dance studio, I would have a little bit more fun doing it and it would encourage me to actually go.


US Mag : Do you follow a specific meal plan?

I eat whatever I want, but I do have to stay away from eating too much dairy because that makes me break out. .


US Mag : And finally, do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?

Build your book, get signed with the right agency/agencies, eat healthy, exercise and have a positive attitude.

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