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Interview with IgnoVa

Interview with

US Mag : Let’s talk a bit about you & your music and what is the secret behind your success ?

I preach K E E P positiveSpirit and #soFocused …without these tools its simple to get overwhelmed to a point of losing interest and quitting… Ultimately one must keep their eyes on the prize… Understanding there is light at the end of the tunnel will yield success. You got to put yourself out there and understand you don’t start by playing at Coachella lol.
US Mag : What are you working on now ?

Vids, producing beats, rapping daily… Tons of that new otw. My current single Right Now is slowly but surely taking off. Thank God. Amen.


US Mag : Please tell us more about your latest mixtape, “Ev’rythang Much Understood 2” (E.M.U 2)”? 

E.M.U 2 comes from being capable of rapping, but not having the finances to have your own beats. I showcase my ability to spit while using popular beats to show and prove im on a mission to be heard and adored.


US Mag : What motivates you to do your best work as a hip hop artist ?

Wanting more in life. Seeing and comprehending life ain’t no crystal stair; Hip hop is going to open other doors, so I must be at my best. The struggle is real; being able to make dope music allows me to bear the burden.


US Mag : If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be?

My dad is Nigerian, I’d love to turn up in the heart of Lagos… Also being out there would be an ideal history lesson. Wanting to learn is simply essential in my eyes.


US Mag : Who are your musical inspirations ?

I’m a young growing man so first and foremost 50 cent. Even though he is a gangster rapper and im not he still inspired and inspires me to go after whatever I want to do. His book from Pieces to Weight played a pivotal role in becoming the man I am today. From the new school, I got to ride with Big Sean. He’s king swag to me.


US Mag :At what point you decide to become an musician ?

I always dip and dabbed in rapping for the fun of competition. But the defining moment was when I saw Mac and Wiz play at Lehigh. I chatted with Wiz for a hot minute and that pretty much sealed the mission.


US Mag : Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to be a professional musician?

K E E P positiveSpirit. There are going to be a ton of bumps and hurdles. Shit, there still are. But with positivity you can most definitely do it!


US Mag : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time ?

Horror movie fanatic !!! Many heads that know me know me say Iggy most of them suckkkk, I’m still all in lol.


US Mag : Are you active on social media? what’s the best way to follow you ?

Yep. Best way is through twitter; @dreamsatwrk is the handle. Like and follow One can also catch a few videos on  Plenty times many otw!!!


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