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Jave, A Rising Star

Jave, A Rising

By Brandon Carias


The Guatemalan actor Javier Melgar Santoveña also known as Jave, has been putting Guatemala’s name up high. Since 2013, Javier has been pursuing a dream here in Los Angeles, a dream he has been achieving, as he says ‘’its hasn’t always been ups, but you learn to enjoy the downs’’ but in spite of the downs he mentions he has managed to make a name for himself in the theater industry in the area; and it’s been because of this that his film career has started to take off as well.

Since the release of some of his film work, Javier has become quite popular in his country just as he has here. The Guatemalan people know who he is and support him unconditionally. We have to recognize that he has accomplished a big feat because coming from a third world country with no real film industry, Javier has managed to shine and inspire others to follow their dreams.


Jave, A Rising


But success hasn’t gotten to him ‘’I love what I do and inspire people to follow their dreams is such a great reward, and it’s because of the peoples support that I’m still here.’’, he remains humble and thankful for the chance to do what he loves.




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