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Let you immediately show the thin wearing a riding skill

Let you immediately show the thin wearing a riding

Method 1: thin stripes

screen Vertical lines with the birth of the display of the screen of high and flat have been demonstrated many times, but does not mean that the vertical body stripes will make you become “paper people.” If you are a healthy girl of H figure, the whole body vertical lines will only further submerge your curve. At the waist with some horizontal elements, such as a wide belt, can effectively break the deadlock.

Methods: 2 small necks Strapless most charming

Break the thin is to “cover,” in fact, properly exposed is not easy to hoard fat neck and shoulder range, can let the upper body looks more light, slim and stylish. If you feel the word collar shirt lack of security, then the general shirt to unlock two buttons, to create a stylish big V collar, that has the effect of extending the neck lines, looks slender and sexy just right.

Method 3: long coat

Still for the few kilograms to reduce the worry? Don’t worry, no matter in any season, there is always a long coat that is modified to perfect, but also for another big plus. Windbreaker, knitting, suede, wool, and tassels, is every girl admiral necessary, thin single product, especially suitable for summer style straightforward and straight body light colored long coat.

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