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Chocolate Avocado Crunch Smoothie

Chocolate Avocado Crunch

Every chocolate lover must love this Chocolate Avocado Crunch smoothie, now you can make it at home and you wonder when you taste this chocolate avocado crunch smoothie , Is it homemade ?? Yeah ! follow this recipe and try it at home you must enjoy this delicious recipe 🙂


Here is the easy to make chocolate avocado crunch smoothie recipe :

Ingredients :


1 avocado
2 tbsp of cacao nibs
1 cup of ice
Hemp, almond, or other non-dairy milk (enough to cover)
1 tsp of Boku Superfood Greens Powder (warning – you may get a bit giddy using it)
1 tbsp of coconut oil
1/4 tsp of vanilla powder
Stevia (to taste)
Optional: 1 tbsp of cacao powder, or to taste


How to make :


Add ice, avocado, and choice of milk to cover well, add Total Nutrition powder and vanilla (if required). Then add coconut oil and cacao nibs, now add sweetener, if required, and optional ingredients if desired.
Blend, adding water or milk to go smoothly. Now decorate this chocolate avocado crunch smoothie with
chocolate chips or a banana piece 🙂

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