R&B-rapper-songwriter Bosco Babyy (a.k.a. Myles Austin)

Snowballed by an unprecedented global crisis, suddenly R&B-rapper-songwriter Bosco Babyy (a.k.a. Myles Austin), was forced to alter his artistic direction as the world hovered on the brink of change. Breaking into the industry at full speed, Bosco is expressing his artistic vision throughout all the chaos with his debut EP ‘Apocalypse’ highlighting 3 different sides of his artistic genius in songs- Omerta, HennyMan and finally the lead single ZAZA.

Born in Okinawa, Japan, Bosco Babby is no stranger to change. The 23-year old who was raised on a military base until the age of six by his father who spoke fluent Japanese and mother who wrote stage plays that she’d cast him in on the stage of the church his family attended, was born into the arts.

After creating his self acclaimed “best work so far” on project ‘Days we forget’ containing 16 songs, within 28 hours upon his arrival to Atlanta from the DMV, Bosco is certain at this point that the once “obscure, misfit,” (he declares) has come far, making believers out of non-believers. It’s obvious in his music.

R&B-rapper-songwriter Bosco Babyy (a.k.a. Myles Austin)

Bosco’s EP Apocalypse is his sneak preview of what’s to come in ‘Days We Forget’. Showing his rager side with HennyMan, his emotional sound and unique r&b flow with Omerta and his lead single for this EP, Zaza- the anthem for those who dare to dream while their real world responsibities and expectations may serve as major obstacles.

In Bosco Babyy’s words:
“Zaza is a song based on escaping your problems and imagining better. We work hard every day hoping to be free in the future. The path to being free is stressful all we can do is look to temporary escapes to ease the journey.”

Bosco Babyy now residing in the Atlanta area, is constantly looking forward to pushing his career as an artist further and further now through the plethora of immensively creative works of art. All of which have the overall intention of reminding dreamers to dream, and elevating the culture of hiphop one day at a time.




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