International Speaker Roland Ngole explains, why vision is crucial for Success in Life?

Roland Ngole is a German based International speaker and vision expert. He moved to Germany 13 years ago to study. He successfully completed his bachelor´s  in International Business administration and his master´s degree in Supply Chain Management. That is not all Roland went on to acquire experience in 6 international multinational companies in Germany. He emphasizes the fact that having a clear vision for his life and his faith in God have been the key behind his successful track record.

We met with Roland Ngole and interviewed him about the importance of vision for success in Life.  Roland States that the main reason most people fail in life is because of broken focus and a lack of a clear vision. Society has a lot of options and every day people are confronted with opportunities for which they have to make choices. Many a times people don´t succeed in life because, they don´t notice the opportunities that come across them in Life. Thus, having a vision will give you a clear sense of direction of where you want to go in life? What you want to achieve in life? And why you want to achieve it in life?. This in fact helps people to focus. The moment you get a vision, you begin to make your choices and decisions based on that vision. You let down any opportunity that wont take you further towards the accomplishment of your vision.

International Speaker Roland Ngole explains, why vision is crucial for Success in Life?

Mores on, a clear vision helps you to focus. Because, vision makes you have a pathway to success: Thus, you can develop focus thereby because things that don’t align to your pursued path can be ignored. Focus creates blindness, because when you are focused on one thing you become blind to other opportunities that don´t align with your values, vision and objectives.

Furthermore, a clear vision ignites discipline and motivation. It is often said that your vitality in life is directly proportional to the vividness of your vision. When you have a clear vision. You somehow develop constraints and self-control, because the vision helps you to know what to avoid and where to invest your time.

Roland Stresses the fact, that although having a vision helps you become focused disciplined and ignites your motivation. Nevertheless, you have to write your vision down and review it often in order to remain on course. Let your vision safe as a gauge and compass guiding you towards your success and its accomplishment. You have to be flexible with regards to the execution of your vision. Because circumstances and plans may change warranting you to recalibrate the path to the fulfillment of your vision

Roland Ngole is an International speaker, Author, entrepreneur, founder of Achievethevision Academy. He has spoken at diverse events in Germany and abroad. He is a sort after international trilingual speaker ( English, French & German) who has spoken to the German Job Agency, World university service, Academic experience world wide and He has shared the speaking stage with diverse speakers like the American Motivational speaker Eric Thomas.

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