“How To Be Black” An Original Series | Created by Isaac King

Controversy is a word that one doesn’t usually associate itself with humor, and in today’s society, those who broke the boundaries of comedy are becoming far and few between. The country is in a state of division, and NOTHING is funny, until now. Isaac King, creator of the upcoming series “How To Be Black”, is attempting to break those divides once again, through humor.

“How To Be Black” is a story of a man who is out of touch with his own culture, and hilariously attempts to accommodate and fit in. Right now, the country needs a laugh, and it seems as though Isaac King is intending on giving them that laugh. Born and partially raised in Los Angeles, Isaac King shares the same experiences the main character “Daniel” will, but they’ll be so much funnier on screen. From movies, to music, even food, the titular character learns exactly what the title ensues, “How To Be Black”. Because of the racial divide taking place in this country, we think a bit of comic relief can go a long way in truly uniting us all, and we believe Mr. King will.






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