Monica Yvette Model Interview | What To Wear Fall 2020 Fashion

US Mag: What colors are the best choices?

Colors for fall 2020 are gold giving that glow, sparkle and shine. Yet still capable of blending with fall colors. Glitz and glam is here. This flashy color can add a bit of excitement to your wardrobe.

Butter yellow is bringing in the attention as well. Though it is a primary color it brings on a cozy feel. With comforting undertones of warmth.

Lilac is here, truly bring in the romance and feminine grace when you add this to your closet space. Despite its subdued appearance lilac is not a cool color it is warm. Lilac is independent from lavender, this light tone carries a pink undertone.


US Mag: What are the best choices for wardrobe?

Bold checkered print is now taking over the fashion industry. Plaid checkered is not board checkered. Now, it is all about the huge checkered print. Though plain checkered has lasted through time, meet its hybred this season.

Puff sleeves charm the whole room when you enter in puff sleeves. Carry a glam and a playful flirty appeal on your shoulders.It is not a 80’s remake. Due to a contemporary flair. Even balloon sleeves are being worn. Though the puff sleeve is more common.


US Mag: Does warmer clothing with more covering take away the urge to dress to impress?

It is all about what you do with accessories, it can change everything. Cardigans are replacing turtlenecks this fall. Giving a much more relaxed feel to your social encounters. Using the crop cardigan,it can be added to any wardrobe. However if you enjoy oversized cardigans try the cable knit and argyle for the top fall 2020 picks.


US Mag: What is the most fancy or expensive outfits this fall?

Sequin bodysuits bring out the party, with a touch of disco. I’m sure anyone in to fashion will buy one this fall. Erdem, Belenciaga and Marc Jacobs are covering the run ways with sequin bodysuits. Turn heads when you put on a sequin bodysuit. Venus sells this look starting at $39.00 going all the way up in price to Neiman Marcus at $15,000. Wither you enter or leave in this style you will be a show stopper.


US Mag: When does foot wear change in the fashion industry?

Knee high boots are popping. So those ankle boots are not going to keep you covered this fall. If smaller boot lengths are your thing have no fear the mid-calf boot is here.


US Mag: Why are women so attached to their purses?

Purses are huge statements this season. Yes dramatic fringes are taking the stage. Furry purses are the new thing who cannot resist a snugly clutch. Pristine pocket books are not just handy, there the new look. Patchwork is also seen on the run way. Almost like it has traveled back to us through the centuries in time.




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