A Look Back at Sergio Kato’s Most Dangerous Movie Stunts Ever –Watch!

Can’t fake a real situation and adrenaline rush on you “, says actor — Also in this action scene is“ one of the most important action films for Kato! ” Who Nearly Died on this scene.

Are you ready? Shockingly Dangerous Scene. Everyone was impressed with actor #SergioKato deciding to do his own stunts. Kato jumped off the buggy without any stunt double to a pond in Sao Paulo, Brazil – “Kato stunt that almost killed him”.



Now, Kato wishes a certificate for such a DANGEROUS Scene. The credits will go to Kato, who did act in the Movie “Flying Virus (2001) – source IMDb”.

The actor trust in his achievement, and also believed in Guinness World Records will acknowledge this title of all his life’s work, said Kato. Showbiz2020.




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