The Horrorland | A Drive Thru Haunted Attraction

The Horrorland is the first drive thru haunted attraction in South Florida. A live experiential entertainment await for you and will astound you.


With the current social distancing regulations we create a haunted house that you can experience from the safety of your car with your group of friends or family.We satisfy the need to be scared at safe environment.


We are inviting to all Halloween fans to play in our immersive horror game.


Horrorland is filled with such unexpected bursts of activity, and the experience provide a window into a kind of audience engagement beyond traditional .


With our fully immersive attraction, you become the protagonist of an unraveling a horror movie happening around you in real time. Our goal is for you to lose yourself between fantasy and reality an enjoy this Halloween with the current social distancing.


Monster, ghosts ,zombies and creatures of the night will attempt to scare you while you sit in your car and through a 6 different themed passages The time of the attraction is 35 minutes approximately.


The Horrorland drive thru haunted attraction It is a suggested family event for children over 10 years old guided by their parents.


You won’t to worry about getting too close to the undead because you will be safe inside your car. The experience is completely contactless. Please remember don’t open the door of your car.


Al team members continue to comply with the COVID 19 guidelines.




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