Dashous Clayy talks about his next release “Jesus In Giuseppes” in candid interview

Dashous Clayy Is not letting up. The rapper who is gaining momentum off his recent releases, is poised to hit them with another classic. We finally had time to catch up with the rapper to ask a few questions on what’s next!


US Mag: Congrats on your recent success, What does this mean for you in the near future?

Starting my own label so I can have more impact on the narrative. With how long I’ve been rapping, I’ve learned a lot on the business side. Now it’s time to put it into action


US Mag: I know we hear you speak on EDC/YCF. What does both stand for and mean to you?

Oh, man great question! EDC stands for Independence Conference, it’s a football reference since I’ve played football at University Kentucky and Hofstra University. Its taking the Notre Dame approach we play anybody anywhere but the money has to be right lol. In a nutshell ending dependence and promoting independence. YCF stands for Young Chisel and Famous health/state of mind movement.



US Mag: Now that you’re getting more exposure and resources, has your vision changed? Do you have bigger goals for the movement now?

Definitely now, sky is the limit and to tell you the truth there is no limit. I want all the blessings. Most importantly is to leaving a long lasting impact on the culture. I’m from South Jersey AKA Jersey South and that’s a place that has a bunch of talent, but it needs more attention then what it’s getting so I pray I can provide that. It’s just a matter of time.


US Mag: “Wilt the Stilt” is the first single you guys are dropping. What should fans know about this one?

Oh, man. just talking heavy, taking in the vibes on the West Coast. In Vegas there’s a lot o parties and roof tops so I was just giving the people the view from my prospective. At the same give the fans a bar fest, slick talk, and while Nicholas Craven produced the beat.


US Mag: As you’re getting more attention, do you think there are any misconceptions about you?

Yeah. I feel like people don’t understand how committed I am, and how deep I’m into this. After my brother was killed in ‘09 it changed everything. Miss him still to this day and the pain I can’t begin to explain. So I feel like people peg me as an underdog slash overachiever. I’m very knowledgeable in this game, and I make a lot of moves. Just like Jordan in “Last Dance” you put yourself in a position to win forever legacy shit.





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