Moms Making Money With A Monat Side-Hustle

Escaping rat race. Story of one mother’s success and a company who changed her life.


I was broke. Desperate and frustrated. Working full time at a hospital and raising four children. I didn’t think there was enough time in my day to get it all done as it was, but we really needed money to survive. I knew I didn’t have enough time to get a second job with a rigid schedule. I needed total flexibility.

I was seriously about to give up on the whole idea. That’s when I found Monat, a hair and skincare line with high-quality products that designed to help patients regrow their hair after chemo and the results are undeniable and available to anyone. Not retail only sold by individual sales reps. From the moment I tried out the products myself, I was hooked.


  • No inventory, free personal website, marketing tools, trainings, etc
  • No mandatory sales, your time, your freedom
  • Check every Friday, huge discount, amazing bonuses and commission

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