Talon Frazier’s real life

Talon Frazier [ Young entrepreneur, mogul activist ] been in business for 4 years and going strong. I recently started a podcast enrich the kinda of the youth with positive news and information, interviews that will help motivate them for the future.

The podcast is called Talon Frazier’s real life, real tall, real experience-motivational talks podcast. Also we’ve been giving to charities around Minneapolis, MN and help with out own drives for the city.

One of the businesses I have is a commercial and construction clean up company with helps enrich life and productive in any facility. Also I have a small clothing brand call Young masterminds clothing & apparel, it is a urban fashion line.

We also have a part of proceeds to charities.


– Quote from me

” #you only live good and phospher by helping others. ”





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