Vote Kenntron for President of Mars 2020

Words by Ashley Schreckengost
Photos by Maria Fitch

You might ask yourself, WHO is Kenntron?


What does YEET THE BEES mean?!


Well, Kenntron, is a highly like able candidate for this Election in 2020. He is the one with the vision to end this simulated bullshit. He is the one with a voice to speak up for the people!


Why do we need an Election on Mars?

We, have been destroying Mother Earth, aka Gaia, for many many years, to the point where she’s released a pandemic amongst the people. Our only hope, is Mars.

So with Humans traveling off to Mars, we will need, guidance, perseverance, a leader, and we will need strength.

That’s where Kenntron comes in.

With the part of campaign motto we have here, YEET The Bees, this means, we will be yeeting them off to Mars with us, so we will be SAVING them amongst saving ourselves.


So, join the movement. Spread the Word.

Vote Kenntron for President of Mars 2020.




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