Benson, Arizona Native, Christine Reidhead, Named Top 10 Best CEOs to Watch

Today, we are going to talk about Christine Reidhead, the very well-known Humanitarian and Educator, who is ranked 7th in the Top 10 Best CEOs to Watch in 2020.

Christine’s amazing work as a humanitarian has been recognized by the CIO Bulletin and in this regard, she is ranked 7th in the CIO Bulletin among the top 10 Best CEOs. The Top CEO list is as follows:

  1. Avi Lonstein, CEO AireSpring

His company provides solutions for the communication system under the built cloud.


  1. Jason Goodall, CEO Dimension Data

His company has a specialization in IT services.


  1. Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO of Open Text

He works with information management (IM) in the company.


  1. Phil Saunders, CEO Saba Software

He works to make strong the Learning Management System (LMS) of the company.


  1. Miguel Sobral, CEO Vortal

His system connects buyers from the world and he worked hard from small municipalities to public administration.


  1. Nitin Kumar, CEO Appnomic

He introduced software that has become self-healing for IT operations.


  1. Christine Reidhead, CEO AfrikRising

She is leading a non-profit organization for the starving people of Africa.


  1. Jonas Gellensvaan, CEO SyncDog, Inc

His company launched a Secure.Systems(tm)Solution ensures the work for every employee of the company to work from wherever they are.


  1. Tiaga Paiva, CEO TalkDesk

His company is best in handling inbound and outbound telephonic operations of businesses.


  1. Tracy Young, CEO PlanGrid

She is with the company who is first to introduce a system for the construction site.



Ms. Reidhead is the Founder and CEO of the Non-Profit Organization, AfrikRising. AfrikRising’s mission is to feed the starving children of Africa. It is her passion to give back to society by however means she can. She has a heart of gold that feels for the atrocities of the children. She believes that she is blessed and is why she believes it is her foremost obligation to pay back and bring smiles to the faces of children in need.

Christine currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Business at Navajo Technical University. She also is the Business Department Chair and Faculty Vice President.

Christine is a multi-talented woman and with no surprise, she podcasts, as well. She loves talking to people because she feels that each human being possesses a wealth of knowledge and a lot of experience that she feels can help her listeners learn and grow.

Christine shows that hard work is the key to success. Her book became the number one best seller on Amazon, “GET THAT JOB! ACE Your JOB Interview – Every Time!”,as a result of her continuous hard work and sense of achieving excellence. With that, she is set to release her second book and of course, we cannot wait for that. She has a website that helps guide college students through their challenges and struggles.

With such an inspiring attitude towards life, we must confess that Christine is an epitome of courage and hard work. One can learn a lot from her life and can transform one’s life by taking small steps toward success because of Christine has overcome many challenges and has proven to be an up and coming superstar we all look forward to watching.





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