Jabari A. K. Holder talks about his comedy series ‘420 Escapades’, in candid interview

As the infamous month of 420 has come to a close, we had the pleasure of chatting with Jabari A. K. Holder, the creator of an interesting streaming comedy series entitled ‘420 Escapades’. The series has an old school feel, with a new school twist, that will definitely have you wondering if you’ve ever been this high before in your life. He didn’t give away any major spoilers, so after the interview, you should go check out the series on Vimeo OnDemand.


US Mag: Is this the first show you have written or created? If so, what made you choose the idea of 420 as your first? If not, what came before this?

Jabari: 4/20 Escapades is the first series that I have completed. I chose 4/20 as a concept because it created a lot of opportunities to have fun and not take itself too seriously. Some of my favorite moments are when Juan and Ryan get so high that they break the fourth wall and talk to the audience. Breaking the fourth wall isn’t necessarily an uncommon thing in TV shows, but in real life, if someone next to me “broke the fourth wall” and started talking to an invisible friend, I’d probably get them a glass of water. High moments like that are what this show is all about.
The First series I attempted to write was called The MinuteMen, a sci-fi drama that was a mix between Fahrenheit 451 and The Man in the High Castle. Unfortunately, burning books made my insurance company very nervous, and HBO beat me to the punch with their adaptation of Fahrenheit 451.

US Mag: So we understand the premise of 420 and how it coincides with the month of April 2020, but what made you choose the name 420 Escapades for the series?

Jabari: 4/20 Escapades teeters between validating and invalidating the experiences of the main characters while high. Thus the title references their adventures (or Escapades) while smoking weed.


US Mag: Where did you draw inspiration for the characters? Were the from friends in your life?

Jabari: Inspiration came from everywhere, my friends, weed smoker stereotypes, and even anti-drug ads. The actors also helped shape their characters as well. The character Juan underwent one of the most dramatic changes because Isaiah, the actor who portrayed Juan, has excellent improvisational skills.


US Mag: Could you tell us a little about your writing process? Any unique things to get the creative ideas flowing?

Jabari: I do a lot of planning before I write. I create a bible with character bios, themes, story arcs, episode breakdowns, season breakdowns, etc. I may not use any of it once I start writing, but having thought about it ahead of time makes the writing process much smoother.


US Mag: We had a chance to check our your Spotify Playlist for the series and it truly brought back some memories. Did any of those songs play a role or providing inspiration in creating the series?

Jabari: Most of the inspiration for the show came from my favorite TV shows like Rick & Morthy, Archer, and Bandersnatch. We developed this playlist while experimenting with the sound of the series. After jamming to it for a few weeks, we figured it be nice to share it with everyone else.

US Mag: If you could pick one celebrity to be in season 2 of the series, who would it be and why?

Jabari: Katt Williams. I’d love for him to be an evil drug dealer nicknamed Voldermort in the second season.

420 Escapades the series is available now on Vimeo OnDemand.


Series: vimeo.com/ondemand/420escapades

Website: www.420escapades.com

All Links: www.liinks.co/420escapades





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