Amala – A Life on Lockdown | by Julia George

This is a no brainer simple fiction story made to be enjoyed during this Lockdown phase many are taking part of.

Julia George is a Actor, Singer, Choreographer/Director and now a Author also.

She added that “this book was written in a span of 7 hours and putting the book together another 7 hours. This concept has been in my mind for awhile now. But I never took it seriously to write a book.

So when I finally got the intuition to write this piece I just sat down at 9 pm in the night and finally got out from the seat 12 pm next day noon.

And within the next day it was published.

So my dear proofreaders keep your scanning weapons mode down and read for reading and enjoying a story.”


” In the past a few of my director friends have asked me to come up with a catchy script. I plan to make this story a beautiful movie one day.” Julia George Said.

It depicts a struggles of Amala ….and you will further understand how and why she ended up sharing her life to a complete stranger.

You will fall in love with her and the stranger she shared the story with.


Author Julia George will donate 10% to WRA Foundation for every copy purchased.


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People are different entities
Love what they do but are in below poverty line.
Some are rich but hate what they do.
Some try every bit to succeed but they cannot.
I am a blend of all of the above.


It takes courage and a whole of strength to keep tackling issues and be strong person.
I believe this strength you will see in The Character Amala
you will see who she is and she is strengthened just like that
when some events turn around her life.


Women and Men around the world are trapped and fooled because someone in their family decided they are unwanted in their families.
Its these issues need to be tackled.
Hope you see some resemblance of what Amala is going through in her life.
So for the sake of humanity and support to women going through similar event please buy your book and celebrate the off- beat controversial triumph of Amala .




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