Face of Expression & Face of Expression 2 | Aaron Woodson

Aaron Woodson’s books Face of Expression and Face of Expression 2 are poetry gems that give readers a unique perspective of how to navigate through the valleys and peaks of one’s own self expression. He demonstrates this by being vulnerable, honest, sincere, and passionate in what he is conveying to his audience. Aaron says, I want to speak to the world!

Life is full of expressions. What is written all over our faces usually comes from the depths of our hearts. Poetry is the mirror I use to reflect the personal struggles we face as a human race. I speak to what sometimes seems to be unspoken,” said Woodson.


Aaron Woodson connects with the reader by being genuine, building a rapport, and sharing intimate details of his story.

We all can draw upon experiences we have faced in life and in most cases, relate to one another. I am basically having a conversation with my readers through the art of poetry. Expression is therapeutic and gives people an outlet to be who they are. We all can make a very positive impact on this world. I’m demonstrating my desire to make a difference and reach people by divine interaction,” said Woodson.







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