JULIAN KELLY to Star in Noise & Sound

Musician and Hollywood darling Julian Kelly, well-known for her Donna Scott produced & balloted single “Fallings Leaves,” will star in a new film directed by Matthew Richardson called “Noise &Sound”: a story about the AIDS crisis in 1981 Philadelphia. Hollywood gossip channels are already chattering about Kelly’s powerful performance as the beautiful yet troubled character of Cherry Riddle—a bisexual free-spirited conceptual artist. The film signals a major departure from Kelly’s highly curated roles in light films like “The Devil’s Courthouse” and marks a shift into the major league of serious material. Kelly, a former musical theater performer has typically shrugged away from roles in films with serious topics. Noise & Sound, which is rumored to contain numerous scenes of graphic nudity is something Kelly describes as “a release”.

“Years ago, I saw an exhibition at the Tate museum in London, called ‘Reclame’. In many ways this role is my way of reclaiming my sexuality, my identity, my body, my power. Even though there are many differences between the character of Cherry Riddle and I, there are also many things that we have in common. She’s trying to find herself.”

Kelly has reportedly hit the gym hard for the role, going Vegan and fasting alternately. “I’m extremely self-conscious about my body, so dancing around in black lingerie and high heels was something I needed to be able to do on my terms.”

The film is slated for a limited theatrical release in 2020.



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