Interview with Antonia Reason “Toni” – Founder & Executive Director of Women of Reason, INC.

US Mag: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education etc. ??

I’m a true example of “started from the bottom”. God and family are my top priorities in life.  I’m a workaholic who wanted more than what was expected of me. Most would describe me as a natural born leader. My background is in Human Services and I have over 17 years of leadership experience.  I’ve interviewed over 3,000 people personally. I love to build and recreate!!!


US Mag: We been hearing a lot about you and Women of Reason, so we notice your starting to gain a lot of attention how does it feel?

It feels great! A blessing. We live in such a busy world where most people are trying to succeed; Being noticed among hundreds of thousands gives me chills. I’m very grateful and my focusis to remain humble.  I look at life as a gift and we are all here for a purpose.


US Mag: What has been one of the most exciting achievements of your career so far ?

Becoming the youngest Superintendent. I was appointed at the age of 35, I ‘m blessed with being able to exercise leadership, authority and influence.


US Mag: What’s your goal in life you want to achieve next?

To inspire millions of women and teens across the world. “If I don’t use my voice, what am I here for?”


US Mag: What motivates you to do your best work as a Founder & Executive Director of Women of Reason ?

Seeing positive and appreciative reactions. I love helping others! My motivation is to be a great role model for my daughter and help others develop a healthy self-image and impactful career. When I face challenges in my business or career, I never shy away from them. It keeps me on my toes. I get to lead by example and show my daughter that mommy is fighter.


US Mag: As you’re an active volunteer member of the Howard County Public Schools, what advice do you want to give others?

Involvement matters! Statistics show that when parents are involved, kids do better in school. I know a lot of parents may not have the time, but I think an hour or two is not a lot to focus on your children’s education. Being involved, is giving the parents a voice.


US Mag: How’s your experience as a residential manager of a girls group home?

My experience was very rewarding. I was able to make a strong connection with a lot of my clients. Being able to get the youth the services they truly needed was a blessing.


Interview with Antonia Reason "Toni" - Founder & Executive Director of Women of Reason, INC.


US Mag: Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

I love the spa and the gym. Facials would rank # 1 on my list. I also love the ambiance of a great restaurant.


US Mag: Would you like to share your life proudest moments with us?

Sure. I would say when I gave birth to my daughter. Motherhood was life changing for me; it made be a better person. Secondly, I would say becoming an author and opening my first business back in 2012. I didn’t have a clue about being an entrepreneur, but I did quite well for myself. It was a great learning experience.


US Mag: How can people find you and follow you online?

My website is I’m also on Instagram  @millionairetoni
and my lifestyle page is @thetonilifestyle on Instagram.



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