KEEP CALLING written by Chelsea Ingram

KEEP CALLING, written by Chelsea Ingram and directed by Herman Pretorius is a gripping insight into the darker elements of family life.

The initial scenes into this traumatic and heart wrenching world, are hauntingly beautiful. The writer, Chelsea Ingram, plays the lead role of Stacy. The character begins on stage as the audience take their seats. Curled anxiously into the fetal position, the tone of the play is set from the very beginning – this is going to be an emotional ride.

Without revealing the many unexpected twists and turns of the show, I can assure you both Ingram and Smith execute such powerful performances, performances that literally leave you questioning the most important (and often hidden) aspects of family life.

The audience, which was full to capacity of equally emotional patrons, were left clearly shaken and affected by this powerful play.

If you have one play to see off Broadway – this is it. Run, don’t walk to the Hudson Guild theater, and be one of the lucky few who witnessed such an incredible piece of theatre .



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