How to Become a Master Negotiator as a Real Estate Broker

Just as some of my friends in the real estate industry have stated, being a real estate agent is essentially running your own business, wherein new brokershave to build their business from the ground up. It is not a job where someone will necessarily be told what to do or where exactly to be. As much as our brokerage managers can offer guidance and support the drive, determination, and self-discipline; it must ultimately come from the agents themselves.  The links below are a live presentation to realtors and brokers on key negotiation tactics when selling or buying a residential property.  I think you’ll find them useful.  (Execusense)


Real estate writer and political essayist, D. Sidney Potter, seen here in 2019, is working on his third book, The Broker, due for an early 2020 release.  His first two books, The Flip, and The Essayist, released in 2011 and 2017, respectively, received critical claim from New York Times bestsellers, celebrities, think tankers and politicians alike.



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