THIS TIME by JAYDEN (feat. Celine Farach & Matluck)

Jayden, is a producer and showman that launched his first single on the 28th of December on all digital platforms and on Youtube through a very special music video. The video got over 1 million views in just a few days, here’s the link: .


JD’s identity is hidden under a Panda which will be hard to forget. A tale that you’ll want to live in first person. Creativity, emotions and a lot of craziness in the adventure of this new player in the dance/pop international scene. The project has been around for only a few months and already accumulated 250k followers on Instagram.


The song is a collaboration with Celine Farach young american singer star-to-be in the entertainment world with over 1,2 million followers on Instagram and Matluck, an american singer with a lot of active collaborations with producers such as Nicky Romero, Mike Williams and Dzeko.


Jayden is part of the entertainment brand Mates with over 15 million followers across Social Networks. He joined Mates in June 2018 and he presented himself through 2 entertainment videos that generated 6 million views. Now is time to let everyone know which is his main craft and what is his goal.

Jayden represents the thin border between what exists and the impossible, between magic and reality. Through his songs he’ll tell a tale and bring the people who let themselves be guided by him to live an emotional and creative experience.

In the first music video Jayden wants to tell about the world of dreams and everything related: who are the best dreamers? Children, who live in a reality where everything is possible and love is something that you feel and express everyday, without a real motive and so it becomes unconditional. Without prejudice towards others and without limits imposed by society.



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